Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mute Math

In today's musical climate you have to do something innovative and out of the box to get people's attention (and hopefully sustain a long-lasting career.) I've been following this band for over 2 years now (and even before that when they were called Earthsuit.) They are coming up with some very creative and definitely impressive new approaches to how they present themselves to the public. their live show is unbelieveable, go see it if you get the chance. here's last night's performance on Jimmy Kimmel....only they performed the entire song IN REVERSE!! ch ch check it out:

this is one of the few bands where after you see them play live, you want to be IN THE BAND TOO! maybe they will let me play didjeridoo...hmmmm

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Two pretty sweet people share a birthday today. the precocious Nicholas Jonas turns 15, however way more importantly my grandma turns 87 years young!

let us not forget john "jack" "the law man" "flawless" lawless enters his 20's this thursday.

and not to mention a special someone turned 21 last monday...a VERY special someone. very. emphasis on the word "special" as in "gifted and talented" or even perhaps, "curiously handsome."

...his name starts with a "g" and ends with a "regory garbo."