Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Matter How It Starts_No Matter How It Ends

Well, it seems our time together has come to an end. A few days ago my e-mail, ichat, myspace, and paypal accounts were hacked into by an unknown culprit. Some private information made its way to the internet. It was nothing controversial or scandalous, but the mere fact that someone was rummaging through my accounts made me feel like someone was in my house and walking around without me knowing. I wondered why this would happen to me. I'm not famous, nor do i want to be famous. A-ha! But alas, i DO work for someone famous! This blog was originally intended to keep my close friends and family informed of my whereabouts while on tour, but as the Jonas Brother's fame began to take off, so did the hits on this wee little blog. It was fun, and I still tried to write very candidly to give readers an insight as to what it's like to be a professional musician on the road. But I realized this turned me into an unwanted target for exclusive information about the Jonas Brothers. I'm not sure who or how my accounts got broken into, but I'd just rather play it safe and stop before it happens again.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me telling me they enjoyed reading my humble thoughts and nonsense. It was great to hear. We had a good run.

As we all slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never face in the wrong direction.

Signing off,
Gregory G.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bulletin Board

Every now and then I receive random e-mails informing me of something awesome happening in one of the many corners of the internet. I'm going to share a couple with you that made me laugh.

This is an excerpt from America's greatest satirical newspaper, "The Onion." I've always liked the Onion; now i love it. oh and it just so happens i play the didjeridoo too, ladies. thanks to Colleen for sending me the truth:

I was reading The Onion today, and there was an article called "How To Be A Totally Bad-Ass Rocker-Chick Individual"
This was number six on the list; it made me think of you:

6. Date the bassist. Most girls go for the frontman or the guitarist - which is sooooo predictable. If you're going to hook up with someone in the band - and FYI, to be a rocker chick, you have to hook up with someone in a band, sorry - don't make it the obvious choice. Cool chicks hook up with the bassist, or the drummer, or the didjeridoo soloist, or the guy on stage holding what appears to be a wind chime. Go for the unexpected in your choice of boyfriend-in-a-band. What would Bijou Phillips do?

Next is from Heather, who, while reading ESPN magazine, came across an article about the St. Louis Cardinals offering fans a "peanut-free" seating section at an upcoming baseball game. how awesome is this!?

"On July 21, Section 328 down the right field line in Busch Stadium will go peanut-free, allowing allergic Cardinals fans to watch a game without worrying that peanuts will cause a reaction."

here's the link: click here

This is from Lara, who sent me a link to one of the stranger items that have been put up for sale in recent ebay history:


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

London Calling

Today is our last day in London and all of England, for that matter. It's been real. It's been nice. But it hasn't been real nice. just playing. Loved it here. Time for Ireland!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Excuse my cameo (and the multiple shots of Ryan Liestman.) We'll be in England for a while; this is footage from our first few days here, mostly just walking around the area my hotel was in.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Great Scot(land)

Today we got to walk around the city, buy european cell phones, and john downed two red bulls minutes before the concert. Showing us how real men get their caffeine.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Europe: Day ? - Glasgow, Scotland

My body is as confused as a monkey who was just let out of the "barrel of monkeys" and now has vertigo, amnesia, and oddly, insomnia. As i typed that last sentence I realized it doesn't really make sense, but that's about the brainwave i'm working on right now. We flew from LA to London to Glasgow on a marathon flight with total traveltime somewhere in the ballpark of 15 hours. I left on Saturday and apparently it's Monday morning now; 5 AM here, and I've spent the past 3 hours watching music videos in my hotel. Can't sleep at all. It's so weird - as tired as I am from flying and sleep deprivation, my body refuses to fall asleep because it still thinks its dinnertime back in LA. This has happened everytime I've traveled to Europe and i'm hoping I can adjust soon - or else break out the tranquilizers (not really.)
It is beautiful here. We ate a deliciously overpriced dinner and Ryan got applauded for his dreadlocks by mere strangers on the street. today is the opening of the Avril Levigne tour.
Oh, and that reminds me, I have something to tell you. You will see me sporting a new bass on the Avril tour and into the summer Jonas tour. It's a reissue of the Ampeg Dan Armstrong plexiglass bass from the 1960's. There's nothing to hide behind now because its completely see-through. check it:

sweet dreams,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idle

One of the reasons I write in this blog is to give some honest insight into my job for people who want to know. Fresh off an American Idol performance last night, I will attempt to recount yesterday's events leading up to our performance on live TV in front of 40 million people so you, the blog fan, can get a glimpse as to what it's like to be a "pro musician."

Overall the day consisted of a very lot of one thing: nothing.

*All events are Pacific Standard Time*

~ The band wakes up at 7:30am to try on suits for the show. This is pretty much the most we will do all day.

~ 8:00am - 1:00pm - We argue over what time "afternoon" ends and "evening" begins. We conclude that although it seems to be subjective for each person, Wikipedia says it starts at 6pm and that sounds about right to all of us. After this, we eat mashed potatoes.

~ 1:00pm - We run-through S.O.S. for the dress rehearsal. This takes approx. 2 minutes and 38 seconds. I see the two potential American Idols pacing backstage nervously. I'm tempted to pull both of them aside separately to tell them they won, but decide that's slightly too mean.

~ 1:03pm - 5:00 - Because there are so many performers on American Idol, we're sharing a tiny room with other band's musicians and dancers. To stay out of everyone's way, we kill time in some VIP lounge area inside the venue. We're the only ones there for a while, which is nice. But as the show's kickoff gets closer, socialites begin to show up in gowns and expensive suits. We bask in the glory of the stares and scoffs we're receiving for being present in that room (who are those kids in t-shirts reading magazines? ugh.) Other highlights during this time include me drinking a bottle of water. You get the point, not much happened:

~ 5:00pm - 6:15pm - We make our way to the dressing room to get changed and fill out paperwork for the show. We watch the other performances on a closed circuit TV. Right before we go on, we all pray together and walk to the stage. As far as what it 's like to actually be up there, well, it certainly is weird. It's like looking into my childhood television shows and having them look right back at me. I see Teri Hatcher, Lori Loughlin, and Mike Meyers - all actors from successful 90's television. It's like the American Idol stage is some freaky pop culture time machine.

~ 6:30pm - We leave and I call my mother to see what she thought. I order room service at the hotel and watch the rest on TV. the end.

The running theme of yesterday, and most days when there are televised performances, is boredom. You usually sit in a concrete room for hours upon end until things get crazy for the 10 minutes leading up to the performance, and then you're back to wondering what to do with the rest of your day. Hurry up and wait.

It's definitely fun, but it's not all glitz and glamor. As Andre 3000 once sang, "I'm just being honest."

...he also once sang "shake it like a polaroid picture."

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19, 2005

Perhaps its ironic that my flight leaving home was today. Perhaps symbolic? eh, probably just convienent to the travel agent and the the rehearsal schedule. OK, but it can still be symbolic to me.

As some of you (read: probably none of you) know, today is my 3 year anniversary getting a call to audition for the Jonas Brothers. Actually, in hindsight, it was not only a phone call to audition, but to start a hopeful career in music. So yeah, I'm like that. sorry. I like dates and anniversaries and history. I always have. I think its important and interesting to look back every now and then. Otherwise, you'll never know how far you've come (or gone backwards.) Three years ago I was applying for summer jobs and going to Phillies baseball games...three years later I'm on a flight to LA to rehearse for an upcoming world tour and to perform on the finale of American Idol.

I remember not even knowing who these kids were or how long I'd be hired for, but somehow I knew it was big. I took it slow that morning of the audition and got on my knees and prayed, "God, I have no idea what I'm even auditioning for, but I give this opportunity to your hands, and may your will be done today." Plus, I'm awesome at the bass, so i knew i'd get it (jokes.)

This past year especially has been crazy. The JBs are A LOT more well-known today than they were May 19th, 2007. Things around me have changed quite a bit, but I hope I haven't. Obviously these experiences are going to shape me as a person; I guess what I mean is, I hope I'm a better person than I was 3 years ago. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next. I thank Jesus that I get to do this everyday.

We're descending into LAX now. The guy sitting next to me just asked me to turn off my iPhone. (Is he serious?)
Ah well, you're probably bored with me talking about myself aren't you?
I guess I'll stop. wait a minute, you came to this site on your own ...maybe I', forget it, I'll just stop.


for a more detailed description of my May 19th, 2005, click here

Monday, May 12, 2008


Today i went to Seton Hall University's Commencement ceremony for the graduating class of 2008 at the Izod Center in New Jersey. It was bizarre watching all of these kids I spent a year of my life with sit there in their caps and gowns, knowing that if things had gone only slightly different in my life, I'd be sitting there with them too (hopefully.) That would not have been a bad thing at all, either. The dean who I met with once I was offered a touring job with the Jonas Brothers was in attendance also. I thought back to that meeting and how he encouraged me to pursue the opportunity. I'm glad he did. I was pretty confused as to what i should do. I had already logged a year at SHU and really loved it. He gave me reassurance that I was making the right decision and gave me the confidence I needed to withdraw from college and buy a new bass guitar rig with the tuition money instead. I'm very grateful for my job, but I certainly don't think i'm "better" than anyone graduating today. In fact I found myself quite jealous of their degrees. I was simply blessed to be offered a different route to my career. It doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you get to do what you love.
That said, I hope everyone today is one step closer to accomplishing this goal. Not gonna lie, seeing these kids for the first time in 3 years had me a little nostalgic for my freshman year. I'm proud of them. hazard zet forward. Go Pirates!

Interesting to note before i sign off here: (pictured above) on four separate occasions today a blue balloon made its way into the seated graduates' area and was tossed around DURING the speeches. These are people getting their Masters and Doctorates degrees i'm talking about. Only proving that, not matter how old or smart you are, one thing always remains true...balloons are FUN.

-Greg Garbowsky
formerly the class of '08

ps - happy birthday sista

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Garbo / Edwards '08

I'm so glad i wore my sunglasses and Billy Ray Cyrus shirt when i was introduced to John Edwards...

A political match made in Heaven. On my end, i bring the good looks, intellect, fresh-scented colognes, and good looks. On Edwards' end, he brings the boyish-charm and southern accent. Step down Obama. I can proudly say I will get all the votes in the peanut-allergy demographic. Also, we have a plan to stimulate the economy:
I have a LaserJet ColorInk printer in my house. I will print off literally tens of Schrutebucks and pump these babies into circulation. Next thing you know i'm tackling world hunger and we put a monkey on Mars. All this by 2010.

Friday, April 18, 2008

¡Saludos de México!

We played for 80,000 peeps at a festival @ Estadio Azteca in Mexico on Wednesday. That's slightly more people than citizens of Rhode Island.

I'm currently writing to you in the dark from my hotel in Mexico City. I'm not sure why but the power keeps going out throughout the entire hotel. Last night Jack and I were inches away from getting on the elevator when we experienced our first blackout. My father actually suggested i bring a flashlight with me and i laughed at him. Now it's dark and i'm scared and alone.
Playing for 80,000 people was really no big deal. It was just like playing for one of your friends in your backyard...and then inviting 79,999 other people who don't understand what you're saying. We've been playing more concerts around here throughout the week. I just wish i paid more attention in Spanish class:
Hola hermosa chica. Me llamo Gregorio. Juego la guitarra como un león violento. En América yo soy un rey. ¿Querría usted comer cereal conmigo?
We spent last week in London and I did all sorts of obvious touristy stuff (pictured) but the highlight for sure was seeing Abbey Road Studios as well as the famous street crossing. Other activities included: (1) eating a cheeseburger with ham, pineapple, and egg on it. (2) paying way too much for everything...the dollar is worthless over there. (3) hearing "JONAS" chanted by fans with proper British accents.
One other observation about London; there are fauxhawks everywhere. from infants to old men. i don't get it either.
Only 5,000 pounds to call home!

Large Ben

Buckingham Palace. Our tour guide said there are 78 bathrooms in there...someone has a digestive problem.

April 10, 2008
London, UK

That's Just the Way We Roll
Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Hello Beautiful
Take A Breath
Take On Me
Still In Love
Burnin' Up
Look Me in the Eyes
Hold On
SOS (again)

Friday, April 11, 2008


Fri 04/18/08 Distrito Federal, MEX Vive Cuervo Salon

Sat 05/10/08 Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Sat 05/17/08 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center

Mon 05/26/08 Glasgow, UK Carling Academy Glasgow

Tue 05/27/08 Glasgow, UK Carling Academy Glasgow

Thu 05/29/08 Manchester, UK Manchester Evening News Arena

Fri 05/30/08 Birmingham, UK The NEC Arena

Sat 05/31/08 Cardiff, UK Cardiff International Arena

Sun 06/01/08 Plymouth, UK Plymouth Pavilions

Tue 06/03/08 Bournemouth, UK Bournemouth International Centre

Wed 06/04/08 London, UK O2 Arena

Fri 06/06/08 Dublin, IRE RDS Arena

Sat 06/07/08 Belfast, UK Odyssey Arena

Mon 06/09/08 Luxembourg, LUX Rockhal

Tue 06/10/08 Paris, FRA Zenith Paris

Thu 06/12/08 Bolzano, ITA Palaonda

Fri 06/13/08 Assago, ITA DatchForum

Tue 06/17/08 Munich, GER Zenith

Wed 06/18/08 Dusseldorf, GER Philipshalle

Fri 06/20/08 Amsterdam, NET Heineken Music Hall

Sat 06/21/08 Brussels, BEL Forest National

Sun 06/22/08 Mannheim, GER Rosengarten Amusensaal

Mon 06/23/08 Dresden, GER Junge Garde

Tue 06/24/08 Berlin, GER Columbiahalle

Thu 06/26/08 Frederiksberg, DEN KB Hallen

Sat 06/28/08 Stockholm, SWE Annexet

Fri 07/04/08 Toronto, ON The Molson Amphitheatre

Sat 07/05/08 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre

Sun 07/06/08 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheater

Tue 07/08/08 Oklahoma City, OK Ford Center

Wed 07/09/08 Dallas, TX Centre

Fri 07/11/08 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Wireless Pavilion

Sat 07/12/08 Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Tue 07/15/08 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre

Wed 07/16/08 Marysville, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre

Thu 07/17/08 Concord, CA Sleep Train Pavilion At Concord

Sat 07/19/08 Englewood, CO Coors Amphitheatre

Mon 07/21/08 Omaha, NE Qwest Center Omaha

Tue 07/22/08 Maryland Heights, MO Verizon Wireless Amph. St. Louis

Wed 07/23/08 Noblesville, IN Verizon Wireless Music Center

Fri 07/25/08 Hershey, PA Hersheypark Stadium

Sat 07/26/08 Hartford, CT New England Dodge Music Center

Mon 07/28/08 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center

Tue 07/29/08 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Wed 07/30/08 Raleigh, NC Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion

Fri 08/01/08 Scranton, PA Toyota Pavilion At Montage Mountain

Sat 08/02/08 Saratoga Springs, NY Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Thu 08/07/08 Mansfield, MA Tweeter Center For The Perf. Arts

Fri 08/08/08 Wantagh, NY Nikon At Jones Beach Theater

Sun 08/10/08 New York, NY Madison Square Garden Arena

Mon 08/11/08 New York, NY Madison Square Garden Arena

Thu 08/14/08 Bethel, NY Bethel Woods Center For The Arts

Fri 08/15/08 Darien Center, NY Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

Sat 08/16/08 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center

Mon 08/18/08 Bristow, VA Nissan Pavilion At Stone Ridge

Tue 08/19/08 Virginia Beach, VA Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater

Wed 08/20/08 Atlanta, GA Lakewood Amphitheatre

Fri 08/22/08 Cuyahoga Falls, OH Blossom Music Center

Sat 08/23/08 Columbus, OH Nationwide Arena

Sun 08/24/08 Tinley Park, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

Tue 08/26/08 Burgettstown, PA Post-Gazette Pavilion

Wed 08/27/08 Camden, NJ Susquehanna Bank Center

Fri 08/29/08 Syracuse, NY New York State Fair Grandstand

Sat 08/30/08 Allentown, PA The Great Allentown Fair

Sun 08/31/08 Essex Junction, VT Champlain Valley Exposition

Monday, April 7, 2008


Being home this past week has been the perfect vacation after 6 months of touring to refresh myself not only physically, but spiritually also. I got to play bass in church with my sister, who is a drummer, and my father, who is a percussionist. Afterwards we drove to Pennsylvania (yuck...take that john taylor) to meet our newest addition to the family, Gracie, and celebrate her first birthday. She was left at an orphanage in China when she was only one day old. My uncle and aunt flew out there 6 weeks ago to bring her home. She's a tremendous blessing in all of our lives and a reminder of just how great God is.
I'm a proud cousin, so excuse me while i indulge myself and show off a couple pictures. The photos were taken by my cousin Nikki who i just realized is an extremely talented photographer (i think she just realized it too.)

is she peeing on me?

i took this last one with my phone. notice the awesome pink ladybug cake.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sorry for the miscommunication

I'm not a huge fan of iChat. i guess you could say i'm old school; i like to hear the other person when i talk to them. iChat is usually just an application reserved for old men preying on naive young boys and girls, but every once in a while, it brings together two complete strangers for magical moments like these. At approx. 6:30pm yesterday i got a random instant message from a screen name i've never seen before. Apparently there was an awesome party monday night somewhere in america. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the conversation is all true. i want to be friends with this kid for real. he sounds like totally stoked on life, bro.

some kid i dont know (6:31:08 PM): STEVEEE.
some kid i dont know (6:31:14 PM): DUDE HOW SICK WAS THE PARTY LAST NIGHT!?
this is greg not steve (6:31:46 PM): it was totally sick bro
some kid i dont know (6:31:57 PM): DUDE.
this is greg not steve (6:32:03 PM): did you hook up with that girl you were talking to?
some kid i dont know (6:32:11 PM): ohmygod.
some kid i dont know (6:32:11 PM): dude yes.
some kid i dont know (6:32:14 PM): she was crazy.
this is greg not steve (6:32:23 PM): what happened?
some kid i dont know (6:32:26 PM): we only made out
some kid i dont know (6:32:32 PM): i ended up dropping her off
some kid i dont know (6:32:35 PM): she was a horrible kisser.
this is greg not steve (6:32:43 PM): ah that sucks
some kid i dont know (6:32:48 PM): yeaaah.
some kid i dont know (6:32:56 PM): what about you and Tracey?
this is greg not steve (6:33:06 PM): next time dude
some kid i dont know (6:33:16 PM): ahh.
some kid i dont know (6:33:27 PM): are you going to Jason's saturday?
this is greg not steve (6:33:34 PM): yea i'll be there
this is greg not steve (6:33:42 PM): what do you think about tracey anyway?
some kid i dont know (6:33:51 PM): eh, she's pretty cool.
some kid i dont know (6:33:59 PM): i heard about all the drama between her and kelly.
this is greg not steve (6:34:32 PM): yeah, look i cant do this anymore. i dont know you man. i think you got the wrong screen name. but i'm glad at least one of us made out with a girl last night
some kid i dont know (6:35:00 PM): oh dude.
some kid i dont know (6:35:01 PM): sorry.
some kid i dont know (6:35:03 PM): bahaha.
some kid i dont know (6:35:06 PM): yeah thats pretty great.
some kid i dont know (6:35:11 PM): later.

i guess if there's a moral to this story it'd be that the internet is a scary place to hang out so be careful with how you use it. ...and that tracey is, eh, pretty cool.

Monday, March 31, 2008

ah crap, the new panic album is actually kinda good

i'm embarrassed to say this, but i am enjoying listening to the new Panic at the Disco album, "Pretty. Odd." which came out last week. They were the band i loved to hate; bad music and bad makeup to go with it. but now i find myself driving around alone listening to the new album screaming, "why do you have to be so good?!?! agghhh!" after nearly running over a hobo, i realized the reason it's so good is because it blatantly rips-off the beatles' "sgt. peppers" album. it's worth noting for those of you keeping score that "sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band" is also widely accepted as the greatest album of all-time. the beatles were such a phenomenal band, that even mediocre bands who mimic their style 41 years later will still sound awesome. For teenagers on a steady diet of fall out boy, this will likely be their first introduction to a psychedelic influence in pop music. I hope this somehow begins a musical journey for these kids which ultimately leads to discovering the works of the fab four. "Pretty. Odd." isn't about Panic at the disco - it's a testament to how great the Beatles still are.

unfortunately this record is listenable from start to finish, which is exactly what i keep doing. i really really didn't want this to happen. but it did. cheers to you panic at the disco. well done.

everybody rips-off everybody; they just happened to rip-off the best. smart move.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spotlight on: Joel F.

Hey blog fans!

There is a special person I work with i want you to meet named Joel. He is seeking moderate fame and therefore requested a blog entry all about him. I met this magical, mythical man roughly 74 days ago at burbank airport. Some unfortunate older lady had gotten "confused" and somehow wondered onto the runway. Joel, being the dashing nice guy with a hero-complex that he is, ran out before TSA could even get in their golf carts and rescued the poor woman from danger, just as a plane was about to land. From there, Joel has been nothing short of amazing.
The more time we spent together, the more i got to know the Joel behind the goatee. He was born on a Naval ship docked in Chile and due to his infant facial hair, was misplaced with a pack of wolves. These wolves cared for him and taught him lifelong lessons in friendship, judo, and economics. Seeking a change as a teenager, Joel moved across the world and spent countless moons working as a sherpa at K2 before finally being called up to the big leagues over at Everest. During one fateful expedition with Virgin CEO Richard Branson, the two were overcome by an avalanche without warning. Upon realization that Branson's satellite phone was out of batteries, Joel yelled at the top of his lungs and shook the entire mountain with a decibel level so loud it would rival teenage girls who attend jonas brothers concerts. A wandering pack of snow dogs heard Joel's distress call and ran him and Branson to safety. As a courtesy, Branson offered Joel 20 yachts and half-ownership of his multi-billion dollar company. But Joel, being the modest and kind-hearted man that he is, graciously declined and simply settled for a "good-time hug." He did, however take the 20 yachts. ...and a box of cigars. Vowing to never climb again, Joel searched for a new job that would enable him to travel and satisfy his deep love for pop-rock music. This search ultimately led to the Jonas Brothers, where he was hired as Production Manager and widely loved by everyone he works with. The tradition of "good-time hugs" quickly spread and before you could say "Joel please stop hugging me" everyone was spreading the good-time love with hugs.
Now ladies, i know what you're thinking...this man is perfect, but knowing my luck he's probably married...i bring good news to you! He is available and looking! He'll protect you, he'll keep your secrets, he'll be your best friend. And he'll hug you with a warming of the soul like you've never experienced or will experience in your life.

think about it,

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sweet Home New Jersey

I'm home for 10 ENTIRE DAYS - and thus marks the longest consecutive amount of time I've been home in over 6 months. It's nice to be home but I barely recognize the house i grew up in. since i've been gone my parents completely renovated half of our house. I'm beginning to feel more familiarity with hotel rooms at this point (not a good thing) so this trip home is the perfect amount of time to recharge my batteries and for my parents to remember they have a son and see what he looks like.

Since the Hannah Montana tour began in October, I haven't really looked back and reflected on all that's happened save for a few quick blog entries. It's not something i like to do on a regular basis, but it's also important to see how far you've come and reminisce good times on tour. As i unpack my bedroom full of luggage i'm finding photos and other relics that bring back moments i'd forgotten about from the past 6 months. I'm grateful and very blessed by God to get to travel with so many great people. I'm happy to be home but within a few days I'll be anxious to get back out again. But for now...i stay in bed and eat cereal.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Only a Garbo can bang on a Garbage Can

Saturday we ended the "Look Me In The Eyes Tour" in the best state that ever and will ever exist: New Jersey. It seemed like everyone who had ever been a part of this camp was in attendance. Family, friends, old fans, street teamers, even Alex Noyes. If last summer's album release party was the prom, then this was homecoming. During the encore we played Queen's "We Are the Champions" and brought out all the bands and crew members on the tour to the stage for one big sing-along. For those of you who couldn't be there, here's the setlist:

March 22, 2008
Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ

Intro Medley
Year 3000
Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Drum off-->
Hello Beautiful
Take A Breath
Pushing Me Away
Way We Roll
Take On Me
Still In Love
Burnin' Up
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Hold On
A Little Bit Longer-->
So Far Away
We Are the Champions

I'm really gonna miss all of the people on this tour. it was only 7 weeks, but i don't recall having this much fun in a long time.

I've said before, I never thought i'd play a concert at the white house. Well, i never ever thought i'd be back to play ANOTHER concert at the white house. We performed at the 2008 Easter Egg Roll on monday after celebrating John Taylor's b-day at Morton's the night before. I met Arthur the Anteater at the White House. Nice guy. Here's that setlist:

March 24, 2008
White House, Washington D.C.

Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Hello Beautiful
Way We Roll
Look Me in the Eyes
Hold On
Year 3000

We'll be on the tele a lot this week. look for our mugs...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Benji's B-day

Yesterday Benji, our lovable guitar / drum tech turned 24. When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he jokingly mentioned he wanted a Jello Slip-and-Slide. After soundcheck we surprised him and turned his Jello dream into a reality:

Benji living the dream:

Today Benji (left) discovered his lost twin who was our runner at the venue today:

Also, i've had several complaints from other co-workers on the tour that they haven't been mentioned on the blog yet. So i'll take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the fine people who make the rock possible.

first up his Chris. He always looks like this:

Here's Brian and Joel. All the coolness in the world is generated from these two:

Here's Colonel Matt. He likes Penn State and loves love.

Friday, March 14, 2008

US to the UK and back in a day

A few days ago we made a quick stop in Hertfordshire, England on our way from Orlando to Richmond. i was only there for 21 hours so it's safe to say i am now an expert in british culture. a few notes: the food is great. i think england made up those rumors about bad food to keep everyone out. VH1 over there is awesome too. there's no reality shows, they just play music videos. its like MTV circa 1995. I am positive Brits don't think i sound as cool as i think they sound when they talk. so i just kept my mouth shut for the most part. but oh, the girls over there...

john and jack getting comfortable on the 9 hour flight back to the states.

british weather is a lot like seattle's weather. only it has an accent.

apparently the english countryside also has rectangular trees.

We spent our day off the other day nursing our jetlag with a round of 18 holes. I managed to hit a house only 3 times. not too shabby.

xoxo gossip greg

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog

It's been one year since i started this thing. make a wish and blow out your candle.

...and many more,

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Barry Gibb Saga Continues...

Throughout the past year of my life I have had 3 chance run-ins with Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. Just to refresh: Last spring I hit his BMW with a whiffle ball (strange.) Then in November we met briefly at a hannah montana concert (not as strange.) And then tonight Barry Gibb walked into our dressing room - as i was taking off my pants (super strange!) When I woke up this morning I did not think to myself that Barry Gibb would see me in my underwear. He brought his daughter to the concert and just wanted to stop in to say hello before the show. I quickly pulled up my pants and said hello, but really, at that point there was no way out of the social faux pax. Life is weird.

I will keep you posted with the next chapter in the Gibb Saga when our paths inevitably cross again.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Peanut-Free = Da Way 2 B

My parents and sister flew out for the show in Dallas yesterday. This was their first time seeing the show. "Bring your family to work day" on tour can be stressful but this was all cake. They had a great time which made me quite happy. They've been to the waaaay early Jonas shows back when they made up half the audience and have watched this band come a long way. But their visit's purpose was twofold: My sister will be going to college in Dallas in September, so on my day-off today we visited the campus and sat-in on a lecture. It was my first time in a proper classroom in 3 years. Besides it being waaaay too early in the day (who can pay attention at 11am!?!?) it was really cool to be there and not to mention, be around kids in my age group, which is about as common an occurrence as a snowy day in africa. my sister is stoked to go and i'm stoked for her.

Later in the day we went out to a small mexican restaurant for dinner. i ordered the grilled chicken pasta, which consisted of: (a) grilled chicken (b) pasta. my parents, being parents, asked me if i checked the ingredients to see if it was prepared with any peanut products. i laughed and shrugged cockily while replying that i usually forget to ask and that it's never a big deal. i mean, i eat out 3 meals a day. what do they know? i'm the expert. (Quick side note for the confused: my whole life i've had a severe allergy to peanuts which will result in death if eaten. cool, right?) My parents then take it upon themselves to embarrass me and ask the waitress if there were any peanuts in my grilled chicken pasta. Scarily, she replies that THERE ARE and my meal was on its way out! I ALMOST ATE IT! Apparently it's hip to grill chicken with peanut oil in dallas now. I was stunned and corrected. I settled for the very peanut-free tacos and was a happy little (breathing) boy again.

let's get it together america. i have a vision of a peanut-free nation and it is beautiful. no more reading boxes of ingredients, no more epi-pens, no more Skippy. Mr. Peanut and his elitist company can go bankrupt. Next time you see a planters ad, check out his evil smirk; flaunting his cane and tophat like some pompous fancypants.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Human After All

This will be the last time that i write about being sick. I'm not looking for pity or tears, i'm merely chronicling what its like to walk around feeling like a giant bacteria cell for 3 weeks.

towards the end of the hannah montana tour my allergies began to bother me. john taylor will tell you this is because i am an inferior human and weak. ...he's probably right. four days at home between tours is barely a rest and before i knew it i was back on the road again and my stuffy nose had become part of regular life. but about 3 weeks ago, i started feeling really tired and began coughing up thick dark yellow phlegm. great mental picture, right? to make a short story long, i saw a doctor and he told me i have bronchitis. what made that news even more fun, was that my left ear had clogged up and i could no longer hear out of it! YES!!! so awesome!

i wont bore you with details, but my typical day consisted of: lying in bed until about 3pm, soundcheck, laying down on a couch in the dressing room for more hours, pounding vitamin waters before the show, playing a concert, going back to sleep.

so why was i sick for 3 weeks? what made me better? what is the meaning of life? all great questions, i'm glad you asked. the first doctor i saw gave me an antibiotic that was weak and did nothing to me. the second doctor took x rays of my chest and found this inside my right lung:

he said the snake in my lung was a normal side effect of bronchitis and would eventually go away.

the third doctor i saw gave me another antibiotic to drain the fluid clogging my ear so i could get the equilibrium in my head balanced again. all this did was dehydrate me and send me into my first ever anxiety attack which, like i've been saying all along, was awesome!

the 4th doctor i saw was a genius. dr. k from chicago. he explained to me why i got sick in the first place by drawing diagrams and giving me vocabulary words. i was back in college. he prescribed me an oral steroid. my hope was already gone, but i thanked him and went on stage to play. i kid you not, 24 hours after seeing this doctor and taking the oral steroid, i feel human again. dr. k is a miracle worker. i cant thank this guy enough. my ear popped, my bronchitis is gone, i'm making bad jokes again...basically everything is back to normal. see kids, steroids arent so bad. jose canseco? nbd:

dont worry the steroid i took was very different. i'll still be the same scrawny kid you've come to know and love.
i'd like to thank the doctors i saw in Houston, Los Angeles, Grand Rapids, and Chicago. The nurse and security team in Peoria. As well as the EMS squad in Chicago. There were several occasions when i almost passed out right before the concert was about to start and these people were there to help me get out and play a show. for the hour and a half that i play music on stage every day, it was like i wasnt sick at all. thats not to say i didnt crawl into my bunk after the shows and drink gallons of water and pop pills. but i love my job, and while most people stay home from work when they're ill, working was the best part of my day.

i'm back.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


On Sunday we welcomed a new addition to our family. After 3 years of paperwork, phone calls, and prayer my uncle, aunt, and cousin flew to China to adopt their new daughter and sister - Grace Victoria Ming. She immediately surpassed everyone as the best looking member of the family and will without a doubt end up being way cooler than i ever will be. Can't wait to meet her face to face! See you soon cuz...guitar lessons will start soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let's Rodeo, San Antonio

We played at a rodeo yesterday. I am so jealous of cowboys. i just want to be one. for a day, even. These guys are completely fearless and wear spurs. case and point.

Earlier in the day jack and i took a walk to the Alamo. It was great to see that they had kept everything just the way it was back in the 1800's. For instance, the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" store across from the Alamo. Well done, San Antonio.

I've quarantined myself in my hotel room for today. When someone on tour gets sick, it's not long before the entire tour personnel is sick as dogs. (what does that mean?) At this point, a lot of people on this tour have a cough or feel run-down. it just seems to be going around. its my turn now. yay!

Due to my sinus congestion (no way to make that sound pretty) my left ear is clogged. which is kind of cool - everything that happens to my left sounds like it's 50 feet away. just a little switch up from the norm; i'm ok with it. My body is full of over-the-counter drugs, but hopefully i can get to a doctor tomorrow for the goooooood stuff.

i awoke this morning in Houston, TX and looked out the window of my room on the 8th floor, only to see 2 men staring back at me. could this be a side-effect of Nasonex? no, it was 2 window washers working on my side of the hotel. eh, i guess you had to be there...

i leave you with a photo of my cousin Lance eating a cup in Denver on Sunday:

stay healthy,