Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spotlight on: Joel F.

Hey blog fans!

There is a special person I work with i want you to meet named Joel. He is seeking moderate fame and therefore requested a blog entry all about him. I met this magical, mythical man roughly 74 days ago at burbank airport. Some unfortunate older lady had gotten "confused" and somehow wondered onto the runway. Joel, being the dashing nice guy with a hero-complex that he is, ran out before TSA could even get in their golf carts and rescued the poor woman from danger, just as a plane was about to land. From there, Joel has been nothing short of amazing.
The more time we spent together, the more i got to know the Joel behind the goatee. He was born on a Naval ship docked in Chile and due to his infant facial hair, was misplaced with a pack of wolves. These wolves cared for him and taught him lifelong lessons in friendship, judo, and economics. Seeking a change as a teenager, Joel moved across the world and spent countless moons working as a sherpa at K2 before finally being called up to the big leagues over at Everest. During one fateful expedition with Virgin CEO Richard Branson, the two were overcome by an avalanche without warning. Upon realization that Branson's satellite phone was out of batteries, Joel yelled at the top of his lungs and shook the entire mountain with a decibel level so loud it would rival teenage girls who attend jonas brothers concerts. A wandering pack of snow dogs heard Joel's distress call and ran him and Branson to safety. As a courtesy, Branson offered Joel 20 yachts and half-ownership of his multi-billion dollar company. But Joel, being the modest and kind-hearted man that he is, graciously declined and simply settled for a "good-time hug." He did, however take the 20 yachts. ...and a box of cigars. Vowing to never climb again, Joel searched for a new job that would enable him to travel and satisfy his deep love for pop-rock music. This search ultimately led to the Jonas Brothers, where he was hired as Production Manager and widely loved by everyone he works with. The tradition of "good-time hugs" quickly spread and before you could say "Joel please stop hugging me" everyone was spreading the good-time love with hugs.
Now ladies, i know what you're thinking...this man is perfect, but knowing my luck he's probably married...i bring good news to you! He is available and looking! He'll protect you, he'll keep your secrets, he'll be your best friend. And he'll hug you with a warming of the soul like you've never experienced or will experience in your life.

think about it,

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