Monday, March 31, 2008

ah crap, the new panic album is actually kinda good

i'm embarrassed to say this, but i am enjoying listening to the new Panic at the Disco album, "Pretty. Odd." which came out last week. They were the band i loved to hate; bad music and bad makeup to go with it. but now i find myself driving around alone listening to the new album screaming, "why do you have to be so good?!?! agghhh!" after nearly running over a hobo, i realized the reason it's so good is because it blatantly rips-off the beatles' "sgt. peppers" album. it's worth noting for those of you keeping score that "sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band" is also widely accepted as the greatest album of all-time. the beatles were such a phenomenal band, that even mediocre bands who mimic their style 41 years later will still sound awesome. For teenagers on a steady diet of fall out boy, this will likely be their first introduction to a psychedelic influence in pop music. I hope this somehow begins a musical journey for these kids which ultimately leads to discovering the works of the fab four. "Pretty. Odd." isn't about Panic at the disco - it's a testament to how great the Beatles still are.

unfortunately this record is listenable from start to finish, which is exactly what i keep doing. i really really didn't want this to happen. but it did. cheers to you panic at the disco. well done.

everybody rips-off everybody; they just happened to rip-off the best. smart move.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spotlight on: Joel F.

Hey blog fans!

There is a special person I work with i want you to meet named Joel. He is seeking moderate fame and therefore requested a blog entry all about him. I met this magical, mythical man roughly 74 days ago at burbank airport. Some unfortunate older lady had gotten "confused" and somehow wondered onto the runway. Joel, being the dashing nice guy with a hero-complex that he is, ran out before TSA could even get in their golf carts and rescued the poor woman from danger, just as a plane was about to land. From there, Joel has been nothing short of amazing.
The more time we spent together, the more i got to know the Joel behind the goatee. He was born on a Naval ship docked in Chile and due to his infant facial hair, was misplaced with a pack of wolves. These wolves cared for him and taught him lifelong lessons in friendship, judo, and economics. Seeking a change as a teenager, Joel moved across the world and spent countless moons working as a sherpa at K2 before finally being called up to the big leagues over at Everest. During one fateful expedition with Virgin CEO Richard Branson, the two were overcome by an avalanche without warning. Upon realization that Branson's satellite phone was out of batteries, Joel yelled at the top of his lungs and shook the entire mountain with a decibel level so loud it would rival teenage girls who attend jonas brothers concerts. A wandering pack of snow dogs heard Joel's distress call and ran him and Branson to safety. As a courtesy, Branson offered Joel 20 yachts and half-ownership of his multi-billion dollar company. But Joel, being the modest and kind-hearted man that he is, graciously declined and simply settled for a "good-time hug." He did, however take the 20 yachts. ...and a box of cigars. Vowing to never climb again, Joel searched for a new job that would enable him to travel and satisfy his deep love for pop-rock music. This search ultimately led to the Jonas Brothers, where he was hired as Production Manager and widely loved by everyone he works with. The tradition of "good-time hugs" quickly spread and before you could say "Joel please stop hugging me" everyone was spreading the good-time love with hugs.
Now ladies, i know what you're thinking...this man is perfect, but knowing my luck he's probably married...i bring good news to you! He is available and looking! He'll protect you, he'll keep your secrets, he'll be your best friend. And he'll hug you with a warming of the soul like you've never experienced or will experience in your life.

think about it,

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sweet Home New Jersey

I'm home for 10 ENTIRE DAYS - and thus marks the longest consecutive amount of time I've been home in over 6 months. It's nice to be home but I barely recognize the house i grew up in. since i've been gone my parents completely renovated half of our house. I'm beginning to feel more familiarity with hotel rooms at this point (not a good thing) so this trip home is the perfect amount of time to recharge my batteries and for my parents to remember they have a son and see what he looks like.

Since the Hannah Montana tour began in October, I haven't really looked back and reflected on all that's happened save for a few quick blog entries. It's not something i like to do on a regular basis, but it's also important to see how far you've come and reminisce good times on tour. As i unpack my bedroom full of luggage i'm finding photos and other relics that bring back moments i'd forgotten about from the past 6 months. I'm grateful and very blessed by God to get to travel with so many great people. I'm happy to be home but within a few days I'll be anxious to get back out again. But for now...i stay in bed and eat cereal.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Only a Garbo can bang on a Garbage Can

Saturday we ended the "Look Me In The Eyes Tour" in the best state that ever and will ever exist: New Jersey. It seemed like everyone who had ever been a part of this camp was in attendance. Family, friends, old fans, street teamers, even Alex Noyes. If last summer's album release party was the prom, then this was homecoming. During the encore we played Queen's "We Are the Champions" and brought out all the bands and crew members on the tour to the stage for one big sing-along. For those of you who couldn't be there, here's the setlist:

March 22, 2008
Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ

Intro Medley
Year 3000
Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Drum off-->
Hello Beautiful
Take A Breath
Pushing Me Away
Way We Roll
Take On Me
Still In Love
Burnin' Up
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Hold On
A Little Bit Longer-->
So Far Away
We Are the Champions

I'm really gonna miss all of the people on this tour. it was only 7 weeks, but i don't recall having this much fun in a long time.

I've said before, I never thought i'd play a concert at the white house. Well, i never ever thought i'd be back to play ANOTHER concert at the white house. We performed at the 2008 Easter Egg Roll on monday after celebrating John Taylor's b-day at Morton's the night before. I met Arthur the Anteater at the White House. Nice guy. Here's that setlist:

March 24, 2008
White House, Washington D.C.

Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Hello Beautiful
Way We Roll
Look Me in the Eyes
Hold On
Year 3000

We'll be on the tele a lot this week. look for our mugs...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Benji's B-day

Yesterday Benji, our lovable guitar / drum tech turned 24. When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he jokingly mentioned he wanted a Jello Slip-and-Slide. After soundcheck we surprised him and turned his Jello dream into a reality:

Benji living the dream:

Today Benji (left) discovered his lost twin who was our runner at the venue today:

Also, i've had several complaints from other co-workers on the tour that they haven't been mentioned on the blog yet. So i'll take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the fine people who make the rock possible.

first up his Chris. He always looks like this:

Here's Brian and Joel. All the coolness in the world is generated from these two:

Here's Colonel Matt. He likes Penn State and loves love.

Friday, March 14, 2008

US to the UK and back in a day

A few days ago we made a quick stop in Hertfordshire, England on our way from Orlando to Richmond. i was only there for 21 hours so it's safe to say i am now an expert in british culture. a few notes: the food is great. i think england made up those rumors about bad food to keep everyone out. VH1 over there is awesome too. there's no reality shows, they just play music videos. its like MTV circa 1995. I am positive Brits don't think i sound as cool as i think they sound when they talk. so i just kept my mouth shut for the most part. but oh, the girls over there...

john and jack getting comfortable on the 9 hour flight back to the states.

british weather is a lot like seattle's weather. only it has an accent.

apparently the english countryside also has rectangular trees.

We spent our day off the other day nursing our jetlag with a round of 18 holes. I managed to hit a house only 3 times. not too shabby.

xoxo gossip greg

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog

It's been one year since i started this thing. make a wish and blow out your candle.

...and many more,

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Barry Gibb Saga Continues...

Throughout the past year of my life I have had 3 chance run-ins with Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. Just to refresh: Last spring I hit his BMW with a whiffle ball (strange.) Then in November we met briefly at a hannah montana concert (not as strange.) And then tonight Barry Gibb walked into our dressing room - as i was taking off my pants (super strange!) When I woke up this morning I did not think to myself that Barry Gibb would see me in my underwear. He brought his daughter to the concert and just wanted to stop in to say hello before the show. I quickly pulled up my pants and said hello, but really, at that point there was no way out of the social faux pax. Life is weird.

I will keep you posted with the next chapter in the Gibb Saga when our paths inevitably cross again.