Friday, March 14, 2008

US to the UK and back in a day

A few days ago we made a quick stop in Hertfordshire, England on our way from Orlando to Richmond. i was only there for 21 hours so it's safe to say i am now an expert in british culture. a few notes: the food is great. i think england made up those rumors about bad food to keep everyone out. VH1 over there is awesome too. there's no reality shows, they just play music videos. its like MTV circa 1995. I am positive Brits don't think i sound as cool as i think they sound when they talk. so i just kept my mouth shut for the most part. but oh, the girls over there...

john and jack getting comfortable on the 9 hour flight back to the states.

british weather is a lot like seattle's weather. only it has an accent.

apparently the english countryside also has rectangular trees.

We spent our day off the other day nursing our jetlag with a round of 18 holes. I managed to hit a house only 3 times. not too shabby.

xoxo gossip greg

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