Friday, June 22, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Messing with Texas

Exhausted, not angry.

Although we had a show on sunday, tonight's concert in galveston, tx "officially" kicked off the summer tour. we flew in early this morning from the SOS music video shoot in california.
tonight's show pretty much ruled. i gots another early flight tomorrow mornin'. i'm going to sleep.

this is what i watched before i went on stage tonight. it definitely put me in the correct frame of mind. and made me hungry for an egg McMuffmin.

News York City

my old man made it out for the new york show at south street seaport this past sunday. it was a blessing to have him see me play on father's day. this was actually the first show him and my sister have seen since 2005 (we're a busy family.)
i forgot where i put my setlist, but here's a few pictures:

we're in texas tonight. don't mess.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Tourist

Grab your toothbrush, foot-fungus cream, and anything you may need - Let's go on tour:

6/17 New York, NY
6/20 Galveston, TX
6/21 San Antonio, TX
6/22 Rowlett, TX
6/23 Winter Haven, FL
6/24 Hershey, PA
6/25 Lodi, NJ
6/27 Nashville, TN
6/28 St. Louis, MO
6/29 Pleasanton, CA
6/30 Del Mar, CA

7/2 Cleveland, OH
7/5 Jackson, NJ
7/6 Cohassett, MA
7/7 Westbury, NY
7/9 N. Myrtle Beach, SC
7/11 Savannah, GA
7/12 Atlanta, GA
7/13 Bessemer, AL
7/14 Baton Rouge, LA
7/15 Gurnee, IL
7/16 Albuquerque, NM
7/17 Tempe, AZ
7/19 San Rosa, CA
7/21 Stillwater, MN
7/22 Stillwater, MN
7/24 Tulsa, OK
7/26 El Paso, TX
7/28 Readington, NJ
7/29 Philadelphia, PA
7/30 Paso Robles, CA

8/2 Baltimore. MD
8/4 Uncasville, CT
8/5 Atlantic City, NJ
8/6 New York, NY
8/7 New York, NY (Jonas Brothers album release)
8/9 Springfield, MA
8/11 Sparta, KY
8/13 Indianapolis, IN
8/17 Altamont, NY
8/23 Ocean Grove, NJ

9/1 Valdosta, GA

10/7 Mechanicsville, VA
10/8 Dallas, TX
10/9 Perris, CA
10/14 Perry, GA
10/21 Columbia, SC

PS - The Disney Channel Games are airing over the summer on Saturday's at 8pm on, of course, the Disney Channel. i played bass for all of the acts who played at the event. during the opening ceremonies last night i saw the blue blur that was me on the bass. if you happen to catch it, you can see a glimpse of me singing hannah montana and corbin bleu songs. rock and roll.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Following in the steps of Spinal Tap

This weekend we played our last "random" concert at Six Flags in Valencia, CA before the actual tour starts in 2 weeks. The show was fun, but what was really awesome is the fact that this was the same stage that Spinal Tap performed their breakthrough exploratory song "Jazz Oddessey." On the bass, Derek Smalls...he wrote this:

The Jonas Brothers are no stangers to theme parks - 2 years ago - when we first started out on tour, we played some paramount theme parks. we were happy just to get more people in the audience than we had on stage. Virginia, August 2005:

Here's a picture from last weekend's sold out show:

June 2nd, 2007

kids of da future
still in love
what i go too school fore
just friends
hello beautiful
goodnight and goodluck
hold on a second --->

Here's a picture of you:

Here's a picture of Joe the Jedi. With lightsabers cut my hand off he did:

God bless ya'll

PS - BIG UPS TO LANCE! Congrats to my cousin Jen and her husband Bill - the newest addition to the family, Lance, was born June 1st. he is healthy and currently wooing all the female babies in the hospital, i assume.

PPS - BIG UP YOURSELF LEVEL ZERO! After my flight home from Valencia, I immediately drove down to the infamous jersey shore to catch Level Zero's set @ The Saint for the 3rd round of battle of the bands. my boys lit up the stage and despite a power outage - still made it to the 4th round semi-finals to be held at Starland ballroom july 8th in jerz.