Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Tourist

Grab your toothbrush, foot-fungus cream, and anything you may need - Let's go on tour:

6/17 New York, NY
6/20 Galveston, TX
6/21 San Antonio, TX
6/22 Rowlett, TX
6/23 Winter Haven, FL
6/24 Hershey, PA
6/25 Lodi, NJ
6/27 Nashville, TN
6/28 St. Louis, MO
6/29 Pleasanton, CA
6/30 Del Mar, CA

7/2 Cleveland, OH
7/5 Jackson, NJ
7/6 Cohassett, MA
7/7 Westbury, NY
7/9 N. Myrtle Beach, SC
7/11 Savannah, GA
7/12 Atlanta, GA
7/13 Bessemer, AL
7/14 Baton Rouge, LA
7/15 Gurnee, IL
7/16 Albuquerque, NM
7/17 Tempe, AZ
7/19 San Rosa, CA
7/21 Stillwater, MN
7/22 Stillwater, MN
7/24 Tulsa, OK
7/26 El Paso, TX
7/28 Readington, NJ
7/29 Philadelphia, PA
7/30 Paso Robles, CA

8/2 Baltimore. MD
8/4 Uncasville, CT
8/5 Atlantic City, NJ
8/6 New York, NY
8/7 New York, NY (Jonas Brothers album release)
8/9 Springfield, MA
8/11 Sparta, KY
8/13 Indianapolis, IN
8/17 Altamont, NY
8/23 Ocean Grove, NJ

9/1 Valdosta, GA

10/7 Mechanicsville, VA
10/8 Dallas, TX
10/9 Perris, CA
10/14 Perry, GA
10/21 Columbia, SC

PS - The Disney Channel Games are airing over the summer on Saturday's at 8pm on, of course, the Disney Channel. i played bass for all of the acts who played at the event. during the opening ceremonies last night i saw the blue blur that was me on the bass. if you happen to catch it, you can see a glimpse of me singing hannah montana and corbin bleu songs. rock and roll.

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