Monday, May 21, 2007

Alex's Golden Birthday

Today Alex "weird al" Noyes grew wings flew into adulthood - which is located in chinatown, new york. the man himself turned 21 today so we all celebrated by partying like it was 2007. happy birthday al

Friday, May 18, 2007

May 19th - two years later

This little number was taken May 20, 2005 at my audition with the Jonas Bros. i either have an egg shaped head or that's a hat.

Call me melodramatic - even nastalgic, whatever, i'm going for it: two years ago i'm at a phillies game and my phone rings. short story long, the phone call is about a band on columbia records who needs a bass player. If I'm interested, I'm told to then call Kevin Jonas for more details. so i did - in a bathroom stall at citizens bank ballpark, (don't think dirty, it was the only place that was quiet) i set up an audition / interview for the following day.

if you're reading this, i guess you know how the story ends. i won't go crazy with this, but I can't tell this story without giving all praise and thanks to Jesus for His continued protection and blessings over the past 2 years with all i've experienced. Not that it was always easy and awesome, and by no means was it bad either - i'm just saying that I've learned a lot about music, life, and faith (and not to place unopened spaghettios cans in the microwave.) if you would've told me i'd be a touring professional musician two years and a day ago, honestly i would've laughed. i don't care how corny it sounds, that phone call really did change my life. i left college to drive around with a band that didn't even have a name yet. and what started out as a summer job is leading towards the humble beginnings of a career.

A LOT of great times were had over the past 2 years, but at the end of the day, i realize what a blessing it is that my job is to tour the country, play music, and meet unique people along the way. i thank God every day for that and I pray I never take it for granted. i love my job.


for a more detailed description of my May 19th, 2005, click here

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Little Rocks

Nick with a giant clothespin on his ear that fans gave him. having just about as much fun as one can in arkansas.

To be fair, little rock wasn't as bad as i thought. i was actually kindof suprised at how cool the downtown area was. me and jack's only mission for the entire trip was to get a picture of us holding "little rocks" outside or maybe by some little rock sign. it didn't happen. next time. just wait...

as for the show itself, it was pretty good - joe called my sister from stage and had the audience wish her a happy birthday. oh yeah, and i prank called joe pretending to be Sting...and he believed me. if you see joe make fun of him for that.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Little Leidersdorff

John and Nancy Leidersdorff welcomed their first child earlier today, May 9th. It's a boy and everyone is healthy! John had always said the plan was to name him John Jr., but i'm still hoping that at the last minute they go with Garbo.
for those of you who don't know, John owns the recording studio i work at in jersey when i'm not on tour. for you jonas fans reading this, John played drums on "It's About Time" and played with us live a few times last november.
Congratulations John and Nancy! As for you John Jr., the lawn needs mowing.

Monday, May 7, 2007


It's been 19 hours since we went onstage at Bamboozle and the ringing in my ears has not subsided at all. right now it's walking that thin line between "mildly annoying" and "i want to rip my ears off my head." it goes back and forth.
the 2007 bamboozle festival took place in the stadium's shadow of the greatest football team ever (giants stadium parking lot.) Last night's headliner was Linkin Park, but the personal highlight for me was seeing Weird Al Yankovic's encore as he performed "Fat" in the same fat suit he wore in the 80's music video. man, he is so...weird.
Juliette Lewis' band "Juliette and the Licks" performed on the stage next to us. she rocks. plus she wears a feathered warbonnet thingy:

this was our setlist as best as i can remember it. we played "move on" for the first time:

May 6th, 2007

Hold On
Goodnight & Goodbye
Still In Love
Move On

we got to hang with the remnant fans after we had packed up. these crazy kids have been around since basically day one, the JB5:

see you at the next show

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Raptors get Po(w)ned

tonight some old friends from high school and i went over to continental airlines arena to witness the Nets barely beat the Raptors by one point and thus move on to the 2nd round in the playoffs. twice during the game, when the Nets would do something sweet (i.e. alley oop), the jumbotron would flash "You Got Powned!" to taunt the Raptors. true story. see you @ bamboozle...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

new jersey

i flew home today. on a plane. go nets.