Friday, May 18, 2007

May 19th - two years later

This little number was taken May 20, 2005 at my audition with the Jonas Bros. i either have an egg shaped head or that's a hat.

Call me melodramatic - even nastalgic, whatever, i'm going for it: two years ago i'm at a phillies game and my phone rings. short story long, the phone call is about a band on columbia records who needs a bass player. If I'm interested, I'm told to then call Kevin Jonas for more details. so i did - in a bathroom stall at citizens bank ballpark, (don't think dirty, it was the only place that was quiet) i set up an audition / interview for the following day.

if you're reading this, i guess you know how the story ends. i won't go crazy with this, but I can't tell this story without giving all praise and thanks to Jesus for His continued protection and blessings over the past 2 years with all i've experienced. Not that it was always easy and awesome, and by no means was it bad either - i'm just saying that I've learned a lot about music, life, and faith (and not to place unopened spaghettios cans in the microwave.) if you would've told me i'd be a touring professional musician two years and a day ago, honestly i would've laughed. i don't care how corny it sounds, that phone call really did change my life. i left college to drive around with a band that didn't even have a name yet. and what started out as a summer job is leading towards the humble beginnings of a career.

A LOT of great times were had over the past 2 years, but at the end of the day, i realize what a blessing it is that my job is to tour the country, play music, and meet unique people along the way. i thank God every day for that and I pray I never take it for granted. i love my job.


for a more detailed description of my May 19th, 2005, click here

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