Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Golden Gate Hoax

Here's a photo of what the US Government WANTS you to think exists on the Northwest tip of San Francisco.

But after a bit of my own investigating with my fellow skeptic Jack Lawless, we have found this so called "bridge" to be merely an old wives tale; no such bridge exists. Here's what we found instead, simply smoke and mirrors:

But we did find some cool stuff that actually existed in San Francisco. the verdict: i'd come back.

the "bay bridge," however, in the left of this photo is in fact real:

the most twisted road in the world! woah! look out! crazy! geepers! golly! oh boy!

san francisco's roads run entirely on a 45 degree angle going either up or down. jack and i walked about 5 miles today on that angle. we must be robots.

fake tales of san francisco,

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Classic

I'm talking about Halloween, and with another upon us, i couldn't help but remenise Halloweens of yore. As i was eating breakfast, i thought over some of my previous costume choices: pizza delivery guy, 4-foot gameboy, afro wig, etc. then i realized; in 5th grade a i was a Colorado Rockies baseball player. This may not seem odd if you're from the midwest region, but i grew up in New Jersey. Where you're either a Yankees fan or shunned by local society. Before I make it sound like i was on the Rockies banwagon before everyone else, i should explain WHY i dressed as i Rockies player. To be honest, it was the cheapest baseball uniform in the mall. Most likely because NO ONE was a fan of theirs. actually, yes, that is EXACTLY why.

I still have that jersey somewhere at home in my closet.

Go Rockies!


here's the interview / performance from the Ellen show which aired yesterday. i'm sure NBC will take it down within a few hours, but check it out if you can.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

John Taylor sits in with Dr. Mambo's Combo

While you were sleeping, our very own loveable John Llyod Taylor ran up to the stage last night and ripped a guitar solo with Dr. Mambo's Combo at Bunker's Bar and Grill in Minneapolis. But he's not the first guitar great to jam with them. He's just following in the footsteps of other "Johns" like Johnny Lang and John Mayer who have also done guest spots with The Combo. Rumors circulated that Prince was to show up last night too, but we left before that and now we'll never know. Bus call was midnight...Nebraska here we come.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Top 12 Favorite Things - For the week of October 20th, 2007

Pardon my self-indulgent post here. This is a list of things i've experienced / seen / heard / done recently since we've been on tour for the past 2 and a half weeks that i can't stop talking about. as with all self-indulgent people, i would highly recommend you check these things out simply for the fact that i like them a lot right now.
but you dont have to do that. you may not like any of the following 12 items and think i have bad taste in life. i guess i should be ok with that because that's what makes us all special, but'd just be wrong.

12. Rob Hoffman's Photographs - Rob is our tour photographer and also one of my good friends since i was 10. his pictures are brilliant and can make even uncool people look really really cool. check out some of the shots he's been taking for the Jonas Brothers at

11. Not Logging Onto Myspace - It's been over 2 weeks and its such a good feeling. you realize what i waste of time it is to type comments like, "hey! havent seen you in a while" or "we should hang out sometime." because honestly i dont think thats ever happened. usually both parties just agree that "yes it has been a long time" and it never really goes farther than that (and you dont know how you just spent 4 hours looking at profiles.) plus this gives me more time to use my iphone if i really want to talk to an old friend.

10. St. Louis Arch - i stared at it out my hotel window for 2 days until i finally went to the top for the first time. Build to memorialize Thomas Jefferson's expansion to the west, the arch is commonly referred to as "the gateway to the west" or more commonly as, "cool." we went to the top during a windy afternoon and felt it swaying harder than John Kerry's 2004 political campagin (OUCH! 3 year old political joke, yeah!)

09. My Winter Coat - i spent all last winter without one because i was too lazy to pick one out. not this year, buck-o. i found one in SEPTEMBER and it has already come in use. but people look at me weird when i tell them i shower in it. what?

08. Working Out in the Morning - I've worked out twice since this tour started plus the occasional push-up and it makes me look and feel fantastic. I currently look like a cross between Hulk Hogan circa 1988 and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

07. Enrique Iglesias - we played a radio festival with him last week and he put on a crazy show. i never realized how many global hit songs this guy had. yes, i bought his album after seeing his live show. bailamos!

06. The Month of October - even though my birthday is in september, i have to say October is my favorite month to be outside. leaves change; brisk weather; football...columbus day.

05. The Purpose Driven-Life - Awesome book. Some great reminders about life that i sometimes forget. this book reminds me to not get caught up in the daily dramas and take a look at the big picture.

04. "Planet Earth" DVD Documentary (BBC Version) - I'm on my way to becoming a semi-scientist, just by simply watching this show. there's footage of animals 99.9% of humans have never snow leopards. SNOW LEOPARDS!!!!

03. Apples - no, not the computer, the natural snack from trees. i think there's a good chance i may actually end up being that weird old guy who gives out apples on halloween. i've been eating one every day; they're mother nature's candy. and good for you. go eat one. now. go.

02. The Baxter - The best movie no one's ever heard of. I saw this movie at 9 in the morning a week ago on showtime. turns out its not even that old (2005) and has some fairly well-known actors in it. i think pretty much everyone could relate to this film. you'll thank me.

01. "In Rainbows" by Radiohead - hands down, favorite album of this year. forget the hype about how they released it on the internet only. or how it sold 1.2 million records its first week without even being in stores. it can back all of that up with the music. not one bad song. they've got to be the greatest band of our generation. either them, or Crazy Town. (that was a joke.)