Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Classic

I'm talking about Halloween, and with another upon us, i couldn't help but remenise Halloweens of yore. As i was eating breakfast, i thought over some of my previous costume choices: pizza delivery guy, 4-foot gameboy, afro wig, etc. then i realized; in 5th grade a i was a Colorado Rockies baseball player. This may not seem odd if you're from the midwest region, but i grew up in New Jersey. Where you're either a Yankees fan or shunned by local society. Before I make it sound like i was on the Rockies banwagon before everyone else, i should explain WHY i dressed as i Rockies player. To be honest, it was the cheapest baseball uniform in the mall. Most likely because NO ONE was a fan of theirs. actually, yes, that is EXACTLY why.

I still have that jersey somewhere at home in my closet.

Go Rockies!


here's the interview / performance from the Ellen show which aired yesterday. i'm sure NBC will take it down within a few hours, but check it out if you can.


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  1. let's see.....
    1. you warned us of the possibility of NBC taking this video down in a few hours.
    2. all the other videos in this page do not show that kind of warning.
    3. THIS is the only video that still works!!

    awesome!!!!!!! hahahahaha!