Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Golden Gate Hoax

Here's a photo of what the US Government WANTS you to think exists on the Northwest tip of San Francisco.

But after a bit of my own investigating with my fellow skeptic Jack Lawless, we have found this so called "bridge" to be merely an old wives tale; no such bridge exists. Here's what we found instead, simply smoke and mirrors:

But we did find some cool stuff that actually existed in San Francisco. the verdict: i'd come back.

the "bay bridge," however, in the left of this photo is in fact real:

the most twisted road in the world! woah! look out! crazy! geepers! golly! oh boy!

san francisco's roads run entirely on a 45 degree angle going either up or down. jack and i walked about 5 miles today on that angle. we must be robots.

fake tales of san francisco,

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