Monday, March 31, 2008

ah crap, the new panic album is actually kinda good

i'm embarrassed to say this, but i am enjoying listening to the new Panic at the Disco album, "Pretty. Odd." which came out last week. They were the band i loved to hate; bad music and bad makeup to go with it. but now i find myself driving around alone listening to the new album screaming, "why do you have to be so good?!?! agghhh!" after nearly running over a hobo, i realized the reason it's so good is because it blatantly rips-off the beatles' "sgt. peppers" album. it's worth noting for those of you keeping score that "sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band" is also widely accepted as the greatest album of all-time. the beatles were such a phenomenal band, that even mediocre bands who mimic their style 41 years later will still sound awesome. For teenagers on a steady diet of fall out boy, this will likely be their first introduction to a psychedelic influence in pop music. I hope this somehow begins a musical journey for these kids which ultimately leads to discovering the works of the fab four. "Pretty. Odd." isn't about Panic at the disco - it's a testament to how great the Beatles still are.

unfortunately this record is listenable from start to finish, which is exactly what i keep doing. i really really didn't want this to happen. but it did. cheers to you panic at the disco. well done.

everybody rips-off everybody; they just happened to rip-off the best. smart move.

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