Sunday, May 4, 2008

Garbo / Edwards '08

I'm so glad i wore my sunglasses and Billy Ray Cyrus shirt when i was introduced to John Edwards...

A political match made in Heaven. On my end, i bring the good looks, intellect, fresh-scented colognes, and good looks. On Edwards' end, he brings the boyish-charm and southern accent. Step down Obama. I can proudly say I will get all the votes in the peanut-allergy demographic. Also, we have a plan to stimulate the economy:
I have a LaserJet ColorInk printer in my house. I will print off literally tens of Schrutebucks and pump these babies into circulation. Next thing you know i'm tackling world hunger and we put a monkey on Mars. All this by 2010.


  1. Well buddy it's now 2010.... I have yet to see a schrutebuck except on tv (perhaps they haven't made it to RI yet) also I'm not hungry so good job defeating world hunger and last week on my trip to Jupiter I totally saw a monkey playing chess with an alien so I guess there's only one thing to say: I'm proud of you!

  2. Ah, Greg. Here I am, back on your blog. Twenty-ten.
    I'm sure you DID get all the votes in the peanut-allergy demographic what with your good looks, intellect, and good looks.
    Looks like you should have spent your time on those who are allergic to say, mosquito saliva, or poison ivy.
    As for the monkies on Mars and world hunger, we should take on each cause one schrutebuck at a time.

    Exactly how many have you printed so far?
    -P. Montepiedra