Friday, April 18, 2008

¡Saludos de México!

We played for 80,000 peeps at a festival @ Estadio Azteca in Mexico on Wednesday. That's slightly more people than citizens of Rhode Island.

I'm currently writing to you in the dark from my hotel in Mexico City. I'm not sure why but the power keeps going out throughout the entire hotel. Last night Jack and I were inches away from getting on the elevator when we experienced our first blackout. My father actually suggested i bring a flashlight with me and i laughed at him. Now it's dark and i'm scared and alone.
Playing for 80,000 people was really no big deal. It was just like playing for one of your friends in your backyard...and then inviting 79,999 other people who don't understand what you're saying. We've been playing more concerts around here throughout the week. I just wish i paid more attention in Spanish class:
Hola hermosa chica. Me llamo Gregorio. Juego la guitarra como un león violento. En América yo soy un rey. ¿Querría usted comer cereal conmigo?
We spent last week in London and I did all sorts of obvious touristy stuff (pictured) but the highlight for sure was seeing Abbey Road Studios as well as the famous street crossing. Other activities included: (1) eating a cheeseburger with ham, pineapple, and egg on it. (2) paying way too much for everything...the dollar is worthless over there. (3) hearing "JONAS" chanted by fans with proper British accents.
One other observation about London; there are fauxhawks everywhere. from infants to old men. i don't get it either.
Only 5,000 pounds to call home!

Large Ben

Buckingham Palace. Our tour guide said there are 78 bathrooms in there...someone has a digestive problem.

April 10, 2008
London, UK

That's Just the Way We Roll
Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Hello Beautiful
Take A Breath
Take On Me
Still In Love
Burnin' Up
Look Me in the Eyes
Hold On
SOS (again)

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