Monday, April 7, 2008


Being home this past week has been the perfect vacation after 6 months of touring to refresh myself not only physically, but spiritually also. I got to play bass in church with my sister, who is a drummer, and my father, who is a percussionist. Afterwards we drove to Pennsylvania (yuck...take that john taylor) to meet our newest addition to the family, Gracie, and celebrate her first birthday. She was left at an orphanage in China when she was only one day old. My uncle and aunt flew out there 6 weeks ago to bring her home. She's a tremendous blessing in all of our lives and a reminder of just how great God is.
I'm a proud cousin, so excuse me while i indulge myself and show off a couple pictures. The photos were taken by my cousin Nikki who i just realized is an extremely talented photographer (i think she just realized it too.)

is she peeing on me?

i took this last one with my phone. notice the awesome pink ladybug cake.


  1. Woah. Where is all that hair NOW ?

  2. That is EXACTLY what I looked like when I was a baby! When I saw that first picture I thought it was me for a second. ahhh