Sunday, May 25, 2008

Europe: Day ? - Glasgow, Scotland

My body is as confused as a monkey who was just let out of the "barrel of monkeys" and now has vertigo, amnesia, and oddly, insomnia. As i typed that last sentence I realized it doesn't really make sense, but that's about the brainwave i'm working on right now. We flew from LA to London to Glasgow on a marathon flight with total traveltime somewhere in the ballpark of 15 hours. I left on Saturday and apparently it's Monday morning now; 5 AM here, and I've spent the past 3 hours watching music videos in my hotel. Can't sleep at all. It's so weird - as tired as I am from flying and sleep deprivation, my body refuses to fall asleep because it still thinks its dinnertime back in LA. This has happened everytime I've traveled to Europe and i'm hoping I can adjust soon - or else break out the tranquilizers (not really.)
It is beautiful here. We ate a deliciously overpriced dinner and Ryan got applauded for his dreadlocks by mere strangers on the street. today is the opening of the Avril Levigne tour.
Oh, and that reminds me, I have something to tell you. You will see me sporting a new bass on the Avril tour and into the summer Jonas tour. It's a reissue of the Ampeg Dan Armstrong plexiglass bass from the 1960's. There's nothing to hide behind now because its completely see-through. check it:

sweet dreams,

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