Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let's Rodeo, San Antonio

We played at a rodeo yesterday. I am so jealous of cowboys. i just want to be one. for a day, even. These guys are completely fearless and wear spurs. case and point.

Earlier in the day jack and i took a walk to the Alamo. It was great to see that they had kept everything just the way it was back in the 1800's. For instance, the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" store across from the Alamo. Well done, San Antonio.

I've quarantined myself in my hotel room for today. When someone on tour gets sick, it's not long before the entire tour personnel is sick as dogs. (what does that mean?) At this point, a lot of people on this tour have a cough or feel run-down. it just seems to be going around. its my turn now. yay!

Due to my sinus congestion (no way to make that sound pretty) my left ear is clogged. which is kind of cool - everything that happens to my left sounds like it's 50 feet away. just a little switch up from the norm; i'm ok with it. My body is full of over-the-counter drugs, but hopefully i can get to a doctor tomorrow for the goooooood stuff.

i awoke this morning in Houston, TX and looked out the window of my room on the 8th floor, only to see 2 men staring back at me. could this be a side-effect of Nasonex? no, it was 2 window washers working on my side of the hotel. eh, i guess you had to be there...

i leave you with a photo of my cousin Lance eating a cup in Denver on Sunday:

stay healthy,

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