Friday, February 29, 2008

Peanut-Free = Da Way 2 B

My parents and sister flew out for the show in Dallas yesterday. This was their first time seeing the show. "Bring your family to work day" on tour can be stressful but this was all cake. They had a great time which made me quite happy. They've been to the waaaay early Jonas shows back when they made up half the audience and have watched this band come a long way. But their visit's purpose was twofold: My sister will be going to college in Dallas in September, so on my day-off today we visited the campus and sat-in on a lecture. It was my first time in a proper classroom in 3 years. Besides it being waaaay too early in the day (who can pay attention at 11am!?!?) it was really cool to be there and not to mention, be around kids in my age group, which is about as common an occurrence as a snowy day in africa. my sister is stoked to go and i'm stoked for her.

Later in the day we went out to a small mexican restaurant for dinner. i ordered the grilled chicken pasta, which consisted of: (a) grilled chicken (b) pasta. my parents, being parents, asked me if i checked the ingredients to see if it was prepared with any peanut products. i laughed and shrugged cockily while replying that i usually forget to ask and that it's never a big deal. i mean, i eat out 3 meals a day. what do they know? i'm the expert. (Quick side note for the confused: my whole life i've had a severe allergy to peanuts which will result in death if eaten. cool, right?) My parents then take it upon themselves to embarrass me and ask the waitress if there were any peanuts in my grilled chicken pasta. Scarily, she replies that THERE ARE and my meal was on its way out! I ALMOST ATE IT! Apparently it's hip to grill chicken with peanut oil in dallas now. I was stunned and corrected. I settled for the very peanut-free tacos and was a happy little (breathing) boy again.

let's get it together america. i have a vision of a peanut-free nation and it is beautiful. no more reading boxes of ingredients, no more epi-pens, no more Skippy. Mr. Peanut and his elitist company can go bankrupt. Next time you see a planters ad, check out his evil smirk; flaunting his cane and tophat like some pompous fancypants.

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