Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Matter How It Starts_No Matter How It Ends

Well, it seems our time together has come to an end. A few days ago my e-mail, ichat, myspace, and paypal accounts were hacked into by an unknown culprit. Some private information made its way to the internet. It was nothing controversial or scandalous, but the mere fact that someone was rummaging through my accounts made me feel like someone was in my house and walking around without me knowing. I wondered why this would happen to me. I'm not famous, nor do i want to be famous. A-ha! But alas, i DO work for someone famous! This blog was originally intended to keep my close friends and family informed of my whereabouts while on tour, but as the Jonas Brother's fame began to take off, so did the hits on this wee little blog. It was fun, and I still tried to write very candidly to give readers an insight as to what it's like to be a professional musician on the road. But I realized this turned me into an unwanted target for exclusive information about the Jonas Brothers. I'm not sure who or how my accounts got broken into, but I'd just rather play it safe and stop before it happens again.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me telling me they enjoyed reading my humble thoughts and nonsense. It was great to hear. We had a good run.

As we all slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never face in the wrong direction.

Signing off,
Gregory G.


  1. Hi Gregory. hehe *-* I was wondering if you heard some music the band Hillsong United?

  2. YoU... aRe... So... Blessed... Kisses From Colombia/Latin America .. and you should be Come from here... Just Saying... ^_^

  3. hi!!!can you follow my blog??
    please say to the guys that argentina loves and miss you!

  4. yay you have a blog!

  5. All hail the return of the Grog Blog--welcome back to blogosphere, Garbo :)

  6. Me imagino que no entenderás nada de lo que escribo! pero yo tengo que traducir al español lo que escribes tu... tendrás que hacer lo mismo jajajajajaja!!

    Me alegro que existan jóvenes como ustedes en el mundo de la música... Dios los ha puesto en el lugar donde están!! y espero que lo tengan siempre presente.

    Un beso grande!!

  7. For the past year and some odd months, my life has been filled with nothing but darkness. On this glorious, glorious day, I am pleased to announce that the clouds were pushed aside for the sunrise. God has answered my prayers. I now feel complete.

    Welcome back to the blogging universe, Mr. Garbowsky. Let's make The Grog Blog 2.0 the best resurrected blog in blogging history!

    -a fellow blogger and long time reader.

  8. We are all so happy that you're back to blogging, Greg! It's a shame that your personal life and information was invaded by a low life hacker and I certainly understand why you took a break from the Grog Blog, but it's awesome that you decided to bring it back. I would have commented on your most recent post, but for some reason it wont let me leave a comment. So...welcome back! I look forward to reading the many insightful posts to come.
    Hope all is well!
    Secret Agent A ;)

  9. You're back! I loved this blog, it's so hilarious, and I'm thrilled that you've started it up again!

  10. Seriously, I don't think anyone understands how excited I am for the revival of this blog. It basically defined the peak of my Jonas Brothers/anyone associated with the Jonas Brothers obsession (which has now come to a steady plateau, though still worthy of being called an obsession/dedication), and I'm ready to take on whatever witty humor you throw at me, the eager reader.

    Not to sound like someone who plays Chinese checkers by herself on Friday nights, but I re-read every blog post from start to finish over the weekend, and I loved reliving the prime of my "teeny-bopper" days. I felt like such a 13 year-old again, complete with squeals and giggles. I almost got on my own nerves.

    Anyway, welcome back. Good to see you again. :)

  11. i wANA kNow...What do u think when u came to Guadalajara,jalisco,Mexico? (pssh u came October 30,2009 with the Jonas)

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  13. So comments ARE enabled,
    well -- for your last post before the ~end.
    Anyway, I posted this on my blog when you announced the good news but considering you're right here, I thought I'd share again.

    ~ ~

    Dear Garbo ((can I call you Garbo? How about Garbs?)),

    Thank you for bringing back the grog blog. While I understand why you shut it down, I definitely missed it. For me, it was never about getting the newest information on the Jonas Brothers... even though I'm a fan, I never read it for a quick look into their lives, but a look into YOURS.

    You rock dude. Both figuratively and literally. Thanks for bringing back the awesomeness. May your journey be filled with laughter, joy and music -- sprinkled with some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


    ~ ~

    You be awesome Garbowsky.


  14. Hey Greg, i'm rebeca from brazil and i have to say that i just found this blog and i laugh so bad that my belly hurts :( so glad you're back on it.
    want to see new things here, ok?

    the best for you,

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  16. Hey,
    I just heard the news of your blog. As I can tell I am a little late on the good news. Oh well Better late then never as they say. I wanted to comment on your newer blogs but whatever the reason might be I am unable to. So, you will have a long comment on this post =D yayness. Well as I implied in the beggining of this comment I am very happy to see that you revived your blog. I also think you are a very talented bass player. Also, I think you should hold mini dance parties with close friends so you wont be jamming out to really cool music a lone. It creates quite the memories to hold onto when you get older. I have to add in the fact I think you are very sexy/cute/hot/handsome all of those mixed in one. I guess we can call that SCHH to simplify it at best. I'd imagine that it would be fun to just jam out with you one day just for fun. Sadly I dont know you in person so that probably wont happen...Oh well. Now I want to wish you luck in all you do. Have fun and be yourself! You probably already knew that though.
    Peace Music ASL Love Brooke <3

    p.s if you get any tweets from a musicblover its me.

  17. You should post something else, when you have time of course! Be blessed! -HilCeleste

  18. I dazily stumbled upon this this blog, and thought the entries were fun/ny. A day, or multiple days, in the life of a musician. Awesome!
    The R.I.P.-ness of it made me rather sad.
    Stupid hackers. I hope THEIR stuff gets hacked into. hah. What a thought.
    But definitely glad to see you're givin' it another go!!

  19. This is my first time seeing this blog. I definitely like the sarcasm in your writing. Looking forward to reading it.

    P.S. I really like what you said to that girl on twitter who hates Ashley. It's amazing how ruthless and mean girls can be to someone they don't even know.
    Thanks! :)

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