Monday, June 9, 2008

Bulletin Board

Every now and then I receive random e-mails informing me of something awesome happening in one of the many corners of the internet. I'm going to share a couple with you that made me laugh.

This is an excerpt from America's greatest satirical newspaper, "The Onion." I've always liked the Onion; now i love it. oh and it just so happens i play the didjeridoo too, ladies. thanks to Colleen for sending me the truth:

I was reading The Onion today, and there was an article called "How To Be A Totally Bad-Ass Rocker-Chick Individual"
This was number six on the list; it made me think of you:

6. Date the bassist. Most girls go for the frontman or the guitarist - which is sooooo predictable. If you're going to hook up with someone in the band - and FYI, to be a rocker chick, you have to hook up with someone in a band, sorry - don't make it the obvious choice. Cool chicks hook up with the bassist, or the drummer, or the didjeridoo soloist, or the guy on stage holding what appears to be a wind chime. Go for the unexpected in your choice of boyfriend-in-a-band. What would Bijou Phillips do?

Next is from Heather, who, while reading ESPN magazine, came across an article about the St. Louis Cardinals offering fans a "peanut-free" seating section at an upcoming baseball game. how awesome is this!?

"On July 21, Section 328 down the right field line in Busch Stadium will go peanut-free, allowing allergic Cardinals fans to watch a game without worrying that peanuts will cause a reaction."

here's the link: click here

This is from Lara, who sent me a link to one of the stranger items that have been put up for sale in recent ebay history:


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  1. haha i seriously laugh so hard when i read your blogs.