Saturday, March 27, 2010

two point oh

Well, it's been a while. 654 days exactly. For anyone who's still interested, i'm gonna give this blog another run.

A lot has happened since my blog closed it's e-doors on June 12, 2008. i moved from new jersey to LA, a new james bond film came out, and my bosses went from being really famous to being super famous. also, i grew a beard and then shaved it off.

In case you missed it, i shut my blog down due to hackers snooping through my e-mail, ichat, and facebook accounts looking for some sort of secret, shocking news story about the jonas brothers. well, i guess i'll give the hackers what they want...that's right, you heard it here first:

see, that's not, and never was, the point of this blog. it's not to break news. wolf blitzer does not work here (but we'd be happy to have you, wolf.) this is merely a blog to show what life is like for a working musician / songwriter who occasionally leaves his nest in LA to slap the bass for peeps worldwide.

we'll see if it lasts this time. i couldn't resist giving it another run. neither could michael jordan, brett favre, or FDR. feel free to check back in whenever you want. i'll be here waiting for you with corny humor and mildly funny stories (at best)