Friday, April 20, 2007

Death, Taxes, and Myspace

Only three guarantees in life my friends: Everyone will die, everyone will pay taxes, and everyone will have a myspace. If you're not on myspace yet, i'm sorry to say you've been beaten out by other "cool new people." That's right, other "cool new people" like...John McCain?


  1. I won't pay taxes. I'm superman. Uh, superwomen.

  2. Dude, you should totally add me on myspace. Did you totally get to see Phil Whickam for FREE!!! DUDE!! Thats like Most triumphant to the Maxx!! The last time I saw him was a Spirit West Coast (its a Cali thing) and he has just M-azing worship worship songs! Its spiffy!!

  3. I will NEVER have a myspace, Greg! I think it's a COMEPLETE waste of time! but the other 2 facts are true!

  4. Haha. Oh dude, I already have a myspace. haha "like...John McCain?"

    You can't have comments for the two under these so...

    Sported fake mustaches huh.. haha yeah. & GARBO store... awesome!

    Oh awesome, you saw Rooney!
    I love them. and shakin'. haha.
    Haahah "now i need to go find a box of cereal and eat it" :)
    ya bye.