Friday, April 6, 2007

Have a Magical Day!

That’s the four word phrase every telephone operator here in Disney World ends the phone conversation regardless of the tone of the conversation. It’s an awkward way to end an otherwise normal exchange of words and catches me off-guard every time.
Example: (Valued Hotel Guest) – “Hi. how is it possible that Mickey Mouse is walking around in both Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios in different outfits at the same time?”
(Operator) – “Um…I’m not sure i understand the question."
(Valued Hotel Guest) - "You know what, nevermind. No big deal. Thanks anyway. Bye."
(Operator) - "Have a magical day!"
(Vauled Hotel Guest) - "I'm sorry, what?"
(Operator) - "................."
(Valued Hotel Guest) - "I didn't hear you. What did you just say?"
(Operator) - *click*
Still, I took the operator’s advice - i met arguably two of the coolest and nicest people alive in one super-ultra-magical day. The first is LeVar Burton who helped me learn to read via my television screen on ‘Reading Rainbow’, which dates back to my hard-knock early years growing up in the central jersey suburbs. the other is Shawn Bradley, the recently retired Dallas Mavericks center who measures in at 7ft. 6in. and currently on course to be the tallest man i will ever see in my lifetime.

We played a full-band show for the Children’s Miracle Network in Orlando yesterday and debuted a few new songs. During “Hello Beautiful” the boys brought all of the kids onstage who had either overcome or were still battling a life-threatening illness. (pictured below) If anything was magical, it was playing for those kids:

April 4th, 2007

Pour Unfortunate Soles
Goodnight and Goodbye
Kids of the Future
Hello Beautiful
Hold On
Still In Love With You
Year 3000



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  1. Shoot. I'd be up to Mister Bradley's naval most.