Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hallucinations at the White House

At least that’s how it seemed as we spent our Easter Monday on the White House front lawn with a bizarre cast of creatures. There were the ordinary sights you would expect: kids hunting for colored eggs, Mrs. Bush reading to children, etc. And EXTRAordinary sights: a live alligator, a woman dressed as a pineapple, etc. There were more crazy life-sized characters (interns in costumes) than you would see in Soho on Halloween. Jack eloquently described looking out to the crowd as we performed, “i saw a dancing alien, Stephen Baldwin, and a secret service sniper - all within 20 feet of each other.”
that aside, it was a tremendous blessing and honor to perform at the White House. it was a long, but awesome day I won’t forget.
We played 3 sets which mostly included new songs, Y3K, poor unfortunate, kids of the future…

Godbless - gg

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