Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shawn McDonald NOT @ Princeton University

For an awesome 36 hours, i got to go back home to new jersey this weekend. i'm flying back to LA first thing tomorrow morning, but it was great to see my family for a few minutes, remember how to drive my car, and hand my laundry off to my mom (i love you mom.)
Tonight i went over to Princeton University for a free Shawn McDonald concert on campus with my friends Dave and Jamie. We find out once we get there that Shawn's wife is currently giving birth to their first child and he's at the hospital with her. honestly, how dare he cancel like that. his wife could've just brought the infant to the show and he could meet his new son or daughter after he's done. i mean come on.
anywhos, we stayed and listened as Phil Wickham took the stage. dude can play. before he played an intense and beautiful worship song called "Divine Romance," he explained his frame of mind when he wrote it - the same God who created everything around us also personally loves each one of us more deeply than we can imagine. just as the song starts it begins to rain. poned, right? well, during the last minute and a half of the song, a rainbow (pictured) streches out over the Princeton dorms behind the stage. the same symbol God used in the Bible to describe his love and promise. After the song was done, the rain stopped. it was an amazing time of worship. even though Shawn was a no-show, it was still a great night and a fun 36 hours back in the dirrty jerz.


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