Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meat Da Robinsunz

Sunday we played at the after-party for the “Meet the Robinsons” premiere. there were loads of rich people and (sortof) celebrities there, but I was actually a little nervous because Rob Thomas and his wife were standing at the side of the stage. when i was in 8th grade jazz band, I was only into the first few months of learning bass guitar and we performed Rob Thomas’ “Smooth” at the school concert. it was a little crazy now with him watching us perform. I count it such a blessing to be able to do these things.

There was another wiffleball homerun derby yesterday. I didn’t win but i did hit the guy from the BeeGee’s mercedes. so I kinda won.

March 25th, 2007

Hold On --->
Year 3000
Kids of the Future

-greggy g


  1. Hey, watch out for the old guy's cars. Those guys were young guys when I was a young guy.


  2. Heeyy

    Your awsome...I don't think that you guys get enough credit sometimes because i saw you at the house of blues and you ROCKED!

    Have fun on the road!

    Nikki :]

  3. Wiffleball huh... never played it in my life. but I know what it is. ah you didn't win...but kind of won. haha.
    Meat Da Robinsunz huh? hahaha! thats funny. wow, this is an old blog. ya.bye now. ha.