Thursday, March 22, 2007

Barbie is in the Breakfast Business

Nothing solidifies your manhood quite like Barbie-inspired Pop Tarts. I’m living in a hotel in Burbank with our drummer, Jack, and the closest thing we have to a kitchen is an empty ice bucket. After an emergency food-run to target, we picked up the essentials: applesauce, nutri-grain bars, sparkleberry pop tarts, etc. We now start and end our day with Barbie. life is good.

California weather is unbelievable, at best. i kindof forgot what it was like to walk outside without a jacket and squint for twenty minutes while your eyes get adjusted to the sun.

a wiffleball homerun derby took place today. i won. no joke. i’m awesome.

PS - did you know Barbie contains 2 percent or less of Monocalcium Phosphate? i did.


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