Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Joe maps out the gameplan for the show backstage. apparently i’m completely bald ...it was only a matter of time

This past weekend’s set of back to back shows at Eastern Christian High School (Kevin’s alma mater) were our first in the dirrty jerz since the Starland Ballroom show in August 06.
There’s nothing like a solid game of basketball before you go on stage to get you in the right frame of mind. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but let’s just say I embarrassed everyone in the slam dunk competition (toot toot.)
Good to be back in North Jerz, where it all started, and to see some familiar faces; Phil Bensen and George C., as well as Article A, even Axl Rose made it out for the show. Good to see that dude again. He mentioned his album was coming out soon.
What’s sweet about this show, is that it’s pretty much the pinnacle of the “It’s About Time” live set. We started out playing these songs almost two years ago while the first record wasn’t even fully written yet. One by one, we’d add a song to our rotation and build up a solid show. It’s about to get WAY better: new album = new songs = new songs performed live = awesome.
Great night; new songs, superold songs, a rare performance of Nick J Is Off the Chain, and Joe’s sad attempt at a freestyle. See you soon.

March 10, 2007 (second night)

Poor Unfortunate Souls
I Am What I Am
6 Minutes
Please Be Mine
What I Go To School For
Hello Beautiful
Drum Solo Jam--->
Nick J Is Off the Chain
Joe's Freestyle
Time For Me To Fly
Year 3000

what kind of trip to Jersey would be complete without a visit to the mall? apple store fun:


  1. I love this picture hihihihi


  2. at least you have a face... poor kevin.

    God, I always forget about this blog and then somehow something reminds me and it always makes me smile.

    You're all absolute nerds. It's the best.