Monday, March 12, 2007

how did you find this?

YO! YAO! Welcome to my modest blog. I should tell you straight away, I play bass with the Jonas Brothers, and while this blog will mostly talk about touring, it will in no way reveal anything about the Jonas’s personal lives or uncover any exclusive information. Basically, this is a site for my friends and relatives to visit while I’m not home to see what I’m up to when I spontaneously go away for months at a time. Obviously, if I’m discussing touring in my personal blog, the Jonas’ are bound to come up, which brings me to my other vision for this humble site: to keep as a record of places we’ve performed at, update setlists, and post pictures of each city – basically to make people who can’t make it out to the show feel as though there are here with us anyway. Enjoy, peeps.



  1. Just read this and I can't believe how time flies. I'm proud of you. We all are.
    Loves from Argentina!
    PS: You were awesome on November 13!

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  3. Just read this and I can't believe how time flies. +1 "Yesterday" was 2007, "today" is 2010, and I can't believe how everything changed since then. In 2007 I was only dreaming about a JB concert... This year I had the opportunity to meet you at the airport and to see you all playing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it was REALLY awesome. And I know it must be a little early for this, but be sure that we're all waiting for an Ocean Grove tour in South America!

    Best wishes! <3