Monday, January 14, 2008

Giraffe + Narwhal = Blog Contest

HEY BLOG FANS! - I've mentioned previously on my blog that one of our favorite pastimes is watching the Planet Earth documentaries on long bus drives. There are so many sweet animals on this planet, but two of my favs are the giraffe and the narwhal. As everyone knows, you can't have two favorites of something and i cant decide which animal is cooler. so to solve my dilemma, i'm enlisting YOU, the blog fan! There will be a contest to see who can come up with the best picture of a combination of the giraffe and narwhal. i went ahead and did my own as an example and it looks something like an underwater super-unicorn:

send your entries to

i will post the top 3 designs. the winning design will be tattooed on my forehead. ok, maybe not. extra points if you can put a bowl of cereal in the picture too. go have fun!

EDIT: Thanks for your entries! The contest is now over.


  1. nice! too bad i suck at that stuff.

  2. instead of tattooing it to your forehead you should make a costume and use it as a rental for kids birthday party. I'm sure they'd all love him, so much better than a purple dinosaur, it pones Barbey.

  3. wow i can't spell i meant Barney.

  4. garbo you rock
    i have to go create my Narwhaffe now...

  5. Love your blog...I have my Photoshop open as we speak.

    If you really love Narwalls and find yourself in Richmond, VA with some time on your hands you should visit Maymont. They have the most awesome vanity made of Narwall ivory (harvested a long time ago, thankfully.) It is very cool, and very rare (made by L.C. Tiffany.) They also have a little zoo there, and lots of wonderfully old trees.

  6. Garbo.
    you never cease to amaze me.

  7. Duh…I am the worst speller in the world (I have a certificate and everything.)
    Norwall = Narwhal which I also believe is the plural form.

  8. Bring it on!!!!

    I plan on having the best

    Well at atleast I hope I will have a good one

  9. I just sent mine in!
    It terrifies me.

  10. i can't tell if you're serious

    i'm making one anyway

  11. Garbo, you entertain me to the max. I met you at the Atlantic City concert, doubt if you remember. But any who... gotta go make that picture..

  12. wow ok so i wish i could say that i would pone at this but....nope! sorry hahah

  13. Ooh, comments. Intriguing, Greg! Yours is one of my top five blogs for sure. Oh, who am I kidding, you're #1!

    If you're not already familiar with Archie McPhee, check out this:
    Narwhal vs. Unicorn Playset
    (and its twisted cousin, this: Avenging Narwhal Playset)

    There's a big McPhee superstore in Seattle, you should check it out! I've never been over, it's not my coast, but it looks fun.

    Keep up the good work!

  14. wow. that girwal is... uh... wow. haha

    what's your favorite cereal?

  15. oh and.. what happens if we win?

    backstage passes to a Jonas Brothers concert. hahaha. i wish.

  16. Narwhales are probably my favorite animal in the history of forever. Theres nothing i like more than i giant underwater unicorn.

    Im for sure gonna do this, and when i come to your show on the 5th, you better have a narwhale tatoo on your forehead.

    Oh and i second the archie mcphee store trip, i've been there loads of time since i live in seatlle. Its Amazing, and they have bandages that look like strips of bacon.


  17. all i can say is...i love you gregg garbowsky.
    you will truely be a legend in my mind forever.

  18. haha i swear youre the frikkn funniest person...ever... well.. yea haha

  19. we have girwhals walking around all over the place in arkansas, fo'sho. :D

    this. will. pone.

  20. I once saw a RaffeWhal.

    Don't make fun of them.
    They're sensitive.

  21. haha garbo this is hilarious,

    so iam working on mine as we speak.

    well as i speakk.

  22. This is rather awsome. I cannot wait to start my girwhal. this is what i will do in school tomorrow! : )

  23. wow. thats great. =)
    narwhals have got to be the most amazing creatures...well, besides killer whales. I'm more of a "Free Willy" fan myself. haha.

    Well I wish you the best of luck on this endeavor. =)

    (^^no, i didnt copy joe. the blog explains everything. please check it out...and possibly drop a comment)

  24. I wanna try! I'll suck, but I'm gonna try! ahaha. Whats the deadline???


  25. Planet Earth has been a big hit on our band bus as well! Makes the time fly.

  26. ohhhmyyygosh.

    project time!


    ohhh, Garbo, I feel that I should ask this...

    Could you go to the meet and greet on March 1 in Hidalgo?

    I made a shirt for you, and I want you to see it.


  27. I'm pretty sure my entry deserves to be tattooed on somebody's forehead.

  28. Is it bad that I didn't even know a Narwhal was an animal?

    I just thought it was a band's name.


  29. Okay Garbo, I made mine, and sent it.
    Hahaha. probably won't pick mine, but whatever.

    bye. (:

  30. I accept your challange!! And I will be the koolest!! What is the prize?

  31. awesome! prepare to view the most amazing giraffe narwhal creation earth has never seen!

    i'm very impressed by your girwhal by the way

    anyway, let the games begin!

  32. But the real question is...can you make a picture with a platapus (my favorite animal), and a purple tiger??

  33. But there is a problem....Giraffes dont exist. I have proof, which is this video:

  34. hahaha mines terrible! i already sent mine in...the only thing i really liked about it was my cereal parts...

  35. This could wind up being very strange, but count me in. :)

  36. BAHAHHAHA I'm sorta good with this stuff. I am so gonna try!

  37. HAHAHA, im so doing this.
    its going to be a sexy beast.

  38. wow I can't believe I just sent it in. it looks like a twelve year old drew it. haha oh well. anything for the experience.

  39. OMG! Greg Garbo! I can totaly picture you sitting on a tourbus thinking about a Giraffe and a Narwhal. You are officially my hero! =]

  40. I sent in mine!!!
    Its totally gonna be the best one!!

    Only you could come up with something so random....=D

  41. I just sent mine in! I worked pretty hard on it...

    Just saying, but Garbo face +Cowboy outfit= Strange picture. lol...

  42. By the way Greg, nice picture you made! hahaha

  43. garbo, u rok i love u!! well my friend loves u more and she knows more but she is teaching me. anyway. u rock and i love the girrafe narwal. its awesome....

    living is easy with eyes closed
    living with eyes closed means that you cant see the one you love.
    live life lost for as long as you can!!
    never diss the weasley twins. ever!


  44. well i sent mine in. I'm crossing my fingers!! :]

  45. OH! i just thought of a prize, possibly, maybe.
    besides it being tattooed on your head, you can like, read their blog, if they have one. =D

  46. wowness.

    You know your blog idea is amazingly cool when Mike Schmid, the kin of blogs, comments it.

    hahaha at the dc concert there was a girl who was in love with him. But she didn't get a picture because.. I don't know why. I guess she was afraid or something. But it was fine by me because I just got a picture with him the next day in baltimore. You sure did a lot of walking that day. I'm always amazed when people don't go, "LOOK! ITS GARBO! A MEMBER OF THE COOLEST BACKUP BACK EVERRRRR!".

    Oh! I was just reading some book for school and there was a place called Garbo mansion. haha I found that funny.

    oooo you deleted someone's comment. don't delete mine, ok?

  47. hahh. not gonna lie, i think mine is pretty boss (but thats just because my only talent is making things on paint). also, im thinking you should follow through with that tattoo idea. atleast get it on your arm or something. i would.

  48. By the way, I would just like to let you know, that you've inspired me.

    Today in class, we had to do an evolution project for geology, and pick two animals and describe how they would look together.

    Guess what two I chose.

  49. i forgot to mention.

    check it out man. too bad there's not a giraffe on the back.

  50. Which Wednesday?
    Which Midnight?

  51. Oh no! I procrastinated and now I'm too late. :(

  52. soo for fine arts we needed a group name and we decided to be. "Garbo's Ladies."

    I hope thats ok with you. =]

  53. garbo!!!

    hurry up and post the winner!

    i didn't enter but i want to see which one you picked

    its probably: you sitting on a girwhal and you both are eating cereal. =D

  54. wow i should have dressed up in my narwhal costume and took a picture of myself in a mirror..

    it's currently hung up in the closet.. right next to my big foot costume.

  55. I no your contest is over but this is pretty much the best hah :D click lamp :)

  56. lookin' good on leno. :)

    can't wait for the contest results!

  57. Im commenting again on this one since for some reason you dont have comments on your new post.

    Well anyway, I am totally psyched i got 3rd, and to be honest his body really did remind me of a meatball when i was drawing him, hahah. Well anyway you have completely made my day, and possibly my life.

    Im still trying to win some backstage passes to the everett show, and if i get some im going to bring you the original framed, so the beauty of the naraffe can live on forever.

    I hope you have a super duper fantastic day Garbo!! See you in 18 days!

    -----Colleen King

  58. I'm not really sure why you're a cowboy in my picture either...But thanks for picking it!
    <3 Stephanie

  59. Hi Greg, I was bored so I made you this picture..

    haha. ok bye.

  60. Greg, this is for your newer blog.
    Yeah, I'm a fan of Rooney too, I
    thought it was awesome when I found
    out they were going to be opening for the guys. So I would definitely come early and see them. and I'm sure my head will probably explode. haha just kidding. I don't know what you're talking about, but I'll probably find out at the show. (:
    Yeah, not a bad view. (:
    Much love,

  61. Hmm

    this has nothing to do with the topic,

    but its been bugging me

    who's the person playing keyboard for jb is he a new member of the band?
    or was it just for one night?

    because it wasn't jt he was playing guitar.

    Well if anyone knows can you post it on here or something . =P

  62. Do you happen to know if the Jonas Brothers are planning on coming to Holland?

  63. Garbo, tomorrow, I was supposed to come to the show... at the Target Center, but now i can't and it makes me sad. because my mom and sister are sick and they were the ones who were attending it with me. i really really really hope i can get to one in a different state than Minnesota then..or if they have another one in Minnesota, i guess they're not done addding dates, but i don't know. anyway. do you even still read the comments on this blog? haha well, its the only one that can have comments on it. haha. woopdee woop. no idea. have fun in at your show tomorrow! IN MINNESOTA! you love coming to minnesota don't you? haha jk. byee.

  64. Wow, i saw you Thursday in grand rapids, and Saturday in Detroit, and i never would of known you were sick if you didn't post a blog. :)

    You guys did amazing by the way.
    In detroit, i think i was the only one in my section going crazy when you came out. lmfao :)

  65. Hi!!!
    remember us? we met you at the target center on the 20th.. we practically chased you down... well not really but we just had to get a picture with the ever so famous garbo!!!
    picture to come soon ... hopefully.. :/
    Stay funny..
    MN Gals

  66. Hey Garbo!!!
    sorry u were sick... hope ur felling 100 million persent like your old self when i come to see you guys on march 13 im sure u will casue thats kinda far away (actually 16 DAYS!!)cause i wanna say HI :) well yea and i have to say grave victoria is adorible :)
    God Bless♥

  67. OhMyGoodnessGracious.
    Its Garbo.
    Haha, ily, Garbo.
    You're my herooo/inspiration for bassing...type..thing..
    oh, yeah, and i can't spell!
    big suprise there (See?)
    i loved your show in Denver.
    My friends and i screamed when they said your name.
    Woah! So off track here.
    So, anywho, i'm glad you're feeling better
    Mucho El Love...o...

  68. Hey, Garbo!
    You are so awesome! So awesome, I included you into one of my Jonas Brothers fan fictions! W00t! :)
    I love writing. If you ever get bored, or just want to see what the fan fiction is, you're welcome to check it out. It would be awesome if you read my fan fiction. But you don't have to if you don't want to.
    The fan fiction your in is called "Two Hours and Forgotten". It's alright. My favorite one I wrote is "Jonas Tribe". It's pretty funny, and intense! LOL.
    Come visit my Jonas Brothers myspace fan page sometime.
    You rock!!!!

  69. Wow. okay so this just makes me smile.


    garbo i love your blogs! they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    I got to see you yesterday at Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it was awesome! I dont know if you remeber that random girl yelling to you at soundcheck... but that was me!

    keep rocking that bass!

  70. Dear Mr. Garbowsky,

    I am pleased to inform you that, due to your interest in the futures of girwhals as a species, you have been chosen to receive a free package of girwhal burgers as part of a special promotional offer.

    This new burger meat was developed by two teenage girls who decided to revert back to their kindergarten days in their final hours of spring break. They followed a children’s recipe involving ground beef and onion soup mix cooked in a baking pan, but unfortunately, the cookie cutters they attempted to use to cut their burger patties into delightful shapes failed them miserably. Instead, they decided to employ their creatively-trained minds to come up with their own unique designs, and the girwhal burger is the result of many successful years of art classes.

    Also, in case you have any concerns, you may be assured that this product does not contain peanuts.

    We have included several pictures so you can feast your eyes upon the delectable girwhal burger, which should hopefully satisfy any cravings you may have while you wait for your meat to arrive.

    Pictured here is a plain girwhal burger. We have included a reference outline in case you cannot see the resemblance.

    The girwhal burger also comes in the spotted variety. Please note that not all spotted burgers come with a detached leg.

    Everyone loves the girwhal burger, even its creators!

    Your burgers should arrive within eleven to forty-three days. We would appreciate any feedback you have about our product.

    Wally Raffe
    President of G-N-Meats, Inc.

  71. garbo. woww. LOVE your posts. they entertain us so much.<333 specially steveeee. DUDEE! <3