Friday, January 25, 2008

Gone Till November - me too

Tonight I found myself accidentally attending a Wyclef Jean concert in Atlanta. The part that really surprised me was that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wouldn’t consider myself at all a “fan” of his. I didn’t own any songs by Wyclef and really know nothing about him other than he was in the Fugees. But much like when I accidentally went to an Enrique Iglesias concert last October, I was shocked at what a talented performer the guy is and how many hit songs I forgot he had. His band was out of control good. I may have left the show early, but I left with a smile and my ears ringing. Being on the other side of the stage, it’s easy to forget what going to a concert is like, especially when you don’t really know what to expect from the artist / band. But I left tonight impressed. I hope that when people find themselves accidentally at a Jonas Brothers show, whether you’re dragged along by your friend, or you went simply because there was an extra ticket - you leave as happy as I am now.

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