Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tour is over / Tour is just starting

Last night was sadly our last on the Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus Best o' Both Worlds tour. It was like the last day of high school before graduation: After spending every day with these people, suddenly its over and you dont get to hang out with your friends anymore. And like life after high school, you usually end up seeing most of them here and there, but not nearly as much as you like. Its been an awesome experience and a pleasure traveling with everyone on the tour. But before i get all candle-lit acoustic crying music on you, we've already begun rehearsals for our next tour which is serving as quite the distraction from our grieving. Today was our first rehearsal day for the Jonas tour which starts in only a few weeks. We're changing arrangements, working on interludes, and playing new songs. This tour is going to rule. Tickets go on sale this Saturday so get a front row seat and jam with us.

So there ya have it. From one tour to the next. But let's take a moment to reflect on the past months. Here are some of my favorite photos from tour i found as i was scrolling through my iphoto. SOME of them are sunsets cause i like that sort of thing and ALL of them were taken with my iphone because i dont have a nice camera.

Here's Rob Hoffman easily amused in an airport by a tickle-me Elmo:

We paid the 50 cents but i'm pretty sure this thing was a small dog or something. no way it was real.

When the boys did an acoustic set at the Mall of America. a few fans showed up. it was nice.

Is there really a better feeling than showing up to catering and seeing this? i'm gonna miss those guys a lot. they hooked it up:

Hold On lyrics tattoo:





Crossing the bridge after visiting the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Highly recommended. (...the museum, not the bridge.)

BY THE WAY! all you bloggers (e-journalists) still on the Hannah tour better keep up to date with your postings so we know whats up!

i miss you. i miss your smile. but still shed a tear every once in a while.

keep it real.

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