Friday, January 18, 2008

Girwhals / Naraffes

You guys made the animal kingdom very proud. There were over 100 entries sent in and all of them were hilarious. I want nothing more than to sneak those photos into a science book or at least wikipedia. thank you guys for making me laugh and sometimes even fall over. Every one of the entries were great and even if yours didn't "win," i personally looked at each one and was blown away by how much time and effort was put into the pictures. it was very hard for me to pick one over the other. art is subjective. there needs to be a petition to make this animal happen for real. write to your local government representatives, scientists, and zoos. together, we can make this happen.

alright, here's your winners. i posted 4 instead of 3 because i really couldn't decide and plus, hey its my blog so i can do whatever i want. lets get a drum roll and round of applause:

this picture blew my mind. that is john taylor's face on the Fabio body-double. totally awesome. (this is also currently john's desktop picture.)

This drawing is great! it showcases the gracefulness of the girwhal. impressed!

This naraffe's body looks a bit like a meatball, but thats the beauty of them - they come in all shapes and sizes. plus this naraffe listens to vinyl and carries around boxes of cereal.

I'm not sure why i'm dressed as a cowboy in this photo, but i imagine a girwhal would be very painful to rodeo with.

rock and roll,
greg & all the girwhals

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