Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hello Again

I awoke New Years Day in New York City with what seems to be acute laryngitis. Although this may seem like a downer, its actually kind of nice to listen to other people say stupid things instead of me. After the New Years gig (more on that in a bit) we boarded a 5 and a half hour flight to Sacramento. The good news we flew on jetBlue which has personal TV sets in back of each headrest. So i watched a documentary on piranha-preying sea turtles. yeah, you missed out. big time.

i also wanted to point out a quick note about the Long Island shows we did after Christmas. While we were driving up to the venue (pictured below in the background) i saw a couple land surveyors (pictured below in the foreground.)
Trivia tid-bit for you blog fans: guess which musician used to be a land surveyor?

a. One of the Village People
b. the lead singer of Men At Work
c. Beethoven
d. me

if you guessed choice "d" then congratulations! you've won a free pass to read the rest of this paragraph! The summer between high school and college I worked for a land surveying company in New Jersey. I still consider myself a part of the surveying community, although they probably no longer consider me a part of them. The job was sweet. I used to find all kinds of stuff on the job people were getting rid of; a bass guitar, a ship's wheel, and yes...a full set of lawn darts.

ok onto new years eve,

we were fortunate enough to get to play on the roof of the ABC building in Times Square on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve. I found myself completely overwhelmed once I got on the roof and looked out at a million people in the streets of new york. here's the view from where i stood during the performance:

What you can't see in that photo is a huge billboard for Juicy Couture's new perfume exclusively for dogs. yes, its 2008. the future is here and our dogs smell awesome.
We performed "Hold On" "SOS" and "We Got the Party" with Miley Cyrus. I still can't really believe we did that. it's weird how much has happened so fast. God is good!
Here's one more picture I took with 37 seconds left in 2007 from the street.

Here's the youtube link to some of the performances. Side note: as i was playing my phone was vibrating non-stop in my back pocket. it was mostly my friends telling me they liked my jacket.

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