Sunday, December 30, 2007

Garden State Part II

Great seats!

8 years ago i got my first bass for Christmas from my parents. I'm still not good. but at least i convinced people i was good enough to tour professionally. That's why its always great to have my parents come to a concert and thank them for the Christmas gift that supplied me with my current job. Tonight we returned to the Prudential Center for the 2nd sold out night in New Jersey.

The past few days have been considered somewhat "normal" in a sense that I get to wake up in my own bed, drive to work, and drive back home when I'm done. I'm a commuter! Howeva, tonight is my last night in NJ :(

My family had a great time which was a relief because for whatever reason i get very stressed when i bring them around. they're great people, which is why i dont understand why i get this way. but think if you had your parents, sister, and best friend mirror you for an entire day while you worked, went to school, etc. well it would just be a little strange. It was cool though, they got to hang and see us rehearse songs for Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve which airs live tomorrow on ABC. if you're near a TV, put it on in the background while you party.

my sister and my oldest friend, Jason, are unimpressed with the backstage area:

During Miley's set i walked into the audience to find my parents. after the show Miley amazed me when she said she saw me walking around and was about to call me out on stage for not paying attention to the concert! i was shocked. if singing doesnt work out she could be a sniper. this girl has eyes like a hawk!

Sister and Mom with Miles:

Well, this will do it for my blog in 2007. Thanks for reading and please come back to visit in 2008. Happy New Year!

-Gregory G.

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