Sunday, December 30, 2007

Garden State

i've been home for a week now in jerz and its awesome. i swear this state gets better every time i come back. for example: we had a show today at the prudential center in downtown Newark. now, Newark isn't exactly your Beverly Hills type of city. ...ok, so its a ghetto but they're trying to fix it up with new venues such as the Prudential Center. i drove literally 30 feet from the venue and saw a pretty beat up looking house and some people sitting outside. i refused to judge them. "that house has character, and i'm sure these are fine human beings," i thought to myself. then one of the guys gets up from the stoop and begins to pee on his house. in front of everyone. ah, i love new jersey.

my old man came to watch the show for the first time and sat on the side of the stage equipped with ear plugs and a camera. his pictures weren't half bad:

jack and john came over for a delectable steak dinner with my family and were later joined by blast from the past alex noyes to watch the giants almost beat the patriots. the mini-reunion was sweet.

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