Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmastime Is Here

not to sound like my good friend Mike Schmid, but... i'm in my hotel room and sick right now. we've been playing shows up and down the eastern seaboard but i feel like i'm stuck inside a snowglobe. its freezing cold everywhere we've been lately, yet i continue to fail to wear my jacket. thankfully, the tour caterers know me all too well and get out a nice big bowl of cereal when they see me and put a smile on my face. just what the doctor ordered. (please note my doctor is Tony the Tiger.)

i've been doing a pretty awesome job of buying Christmas gifts for myself. i started to feel slightly guilty so i took a taxi to the mall to practice a little more selflessness in this season of love and giving. while i was looking for the new Daft Punk "Alive 2007" CD for one of my friends, i stumbled upon an album i had actually worked on earlier this year called "On My Way" by DeSol:

now let's be clear by what i mean when i say "worked on" i did NOT play the bass but rather did some assistant engineering and maybe played a shaker or two, but trust me, my rhythm is nowhere near on the level of these dudes. the DeSol record was produced by Jon Leidersdorff who also played drums on "It's About Time" by the Jonas'.

In recent weeks i've also decided that i'm far superior to my fellow bandmates and now no longer ride on that stinky tour bus, but rather follow the bus in my custom new pink party limo. it's equipped with a hot tub, direcTV, and lasers that blow up the cars in front of me when stuck in traffic. also, the interior is lined with out-of-print $1,000 bills. it's about time we fall back into the decadence of the 80's, no?

a few more random notes:

last week we played at Madison Square Garden for the Z100 Jingle Ball. Personally, I've seen some memorable shows there and to get the opportunity to perform there was a blessing. my parents hung out with me but didn't stay for the show. (even though they're HUUUUGE Boys Like Girls fans.) my dad mentioned to me that he saw Led Zeppelin at the Garden back in 1972. only more proof that my dad rules and i will not be as cool as him. we opened the show with a "Just Friends" tease that led into "Year 3000." Lately we've been getting more creative with the arrangements for our live show. i'm stoked on it.

me, my favorite mom, and some noise canceling headphones in Central Park:

also, we recently got a second chance in a venue we didn't exactly please the first time around. almost exactly a year ago, we played in between periods at a minor league hockey game in Hartford, CT. there were maybe 50 fans there to see us and the rest were drunk dudes wanting to see some teeth get knocked out of players heads. we were literally booed and had plush hockey pucks thrown at us. it was kind of a cool feeling getting booed by an entire arena. we went back a year later and rocked some faces off. that was a better feeling.
here's a picture i took of John laughing in between songs as we were booed last year:

happy holidays :)

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