Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I come to you live from 30,000 feet in the sky. On our day off from
the Hannah Montana tour, we once again find our heroes headed to yet
another state to play a concert. I slept for 2 hours last night (give
or take 2 hours) before we boarded our flight in Kansas City to
Seattle to play a radio show with Colbie Calliat and Timbaland. We had a layover in
Denver and I'm so out of it right now I think I've ended up somewhere
in the matrix by accident. Now I'm reading GQ learning about the
wonderful world of style and drinking a can of water. That’s right, an
aluminum can of water. Oh southwest airlines, you slay me! With this much excitement there is no way I'm falling asleep on the plane. So I figured
I'd fill you in on what's been happening the past few days:

1. i was shocked by 83 Volts of electricity:

This happened literally seconds before the show started when I put my
mouth up to the microphone and got a little surprise. Nothing cool
happened like in back to the future or bill and teds excellent
adventure. My body just shook and threw me back a couple feet and
delayed the start of the show about 10 minutes. Just for point of
reference, sticking your finger in an open light switch would give you
a 110 volt shock (source: john lloyd taylor.) If my heart didn’t actually explode on stage (the
doctors still aren't sure) then I owe it all too...

2. The arena workout plan:

Most recent afternoons I meet with other equally as insane people on
the tour and we put ourselves through an intense workout regimen to
stay healthy. We've dubbed ourselves the "stairmasters" due to the
cornerstone of our exercise program: running up and down as many
stairs in the arena as possible before passing out (usually the entire
lower half.) this is followed up by a series of crunches and push ups.
membership to become a stairmaster is free and open to anyone on the
tour. you know where to find us. Do you really think I look the way I
do from eating cereal all day? oh wait...

3. Ive been listening to music again

Being a "professional musician" (I use that term loosely) one would
think that listening to music is what I get to do all day. Sadly, and
for reasons I'm not even sure I know, this just doesn’t happen. Maybe
because when you hear music all day, its almost not even fun anymore
(or even makes sense) to take up more time from your day to listen to
more music. Maybe it all starts to sound the same and becomes
uninspiring. I don't get it. Anyway, I’ve been reserving time each
night to listen to some tunes before I fall asleep after watching too
much arrested development (is there such a thing as too much?) some
of my current favorite tracks that are getting me excited about music
again / are just fun to listen to are:

"thats really super, supergirl" by XTC

"sunday morning" by velvet underground

the entire Kooks record

the first 5 seconds of "the hienrich maneuver" by Interpol

"street talking woman" by marlena shaw

ah, I know you don't really care about what I'm listening to. everyone
thinks they listen to the best music anyway right? anyway, listening
to more
music is a personal trend I hope I keep up. in fact, I
should...wait...did i?...ah...i left my headphones on the bus. poned


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