Saturday, December 1, 2007


While our touring partners with Hannah Montana enjoyed their scheduled day off in Arkansas, we drove to New Orleans to play not one, but two shows at the House of Blues. Even though we played music for roughly 4x the amount of time we usually do in a day, yesterday felt like a day off for us too.

In the morning we walked around the french quarter and ate beignets while a trumpeter harassed us about his CD. the sad part is that he was quite good but beyond annoying. Rob got suckered into purchasing the record for $20. recently, john mayer has posted pictures of his food on his website for his "meal log." so here's my mlog:

rob and i continued to walk around the quarter and looked at loads of photographs and painting by local artists. the nice thing about the french quarter is that there's no chain stores; its all local shops: no starbucks. no gap. no house of blues., ok forget about that last one.

after our 4:30 show i met up with a friend of mine, Chris, who i haven't seen in 2 and a half years. well, that was actually the first time i'd seen him also. Chris is a drummer i met the first time i was in New Orleans and even though we'd never ran into each other until yesterday, we'd kept in touch with the occasional e-mail or myspace comment every few months. he stayed for the 7:30 show which ended up being one of my favorites since we started touring 3 years ago. Nick started the encore with a new song which extended into the concert's crescendo. even though we had a rehearsed ending, nick continued playing the piano and wrote a spontaneous verse as the audience sang the chorus back to him. if its available somewhere in the depths of youtube, check it out.

after the show we went out to eat at Emeril's restaurant, where Emeril Lagasse himself actually prepared our food (i'm not being ironic) and it was most definitely the greatest tasting thing i've ever had with the exception of every meal my mothers ever made. (I love you mommy!) John Taylor made fun of me for taking a
picture of my food, knowing it would end up on the blog. but his pones
lost all credibility when not ten seconds later he took a picture of
his meal too. nice, john.

so here's my mlog from last nite:
oysters and shrimp
butternut squash soup
fillet of beef
chocolate souffle

its december already. what happened...

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  1. I was there for the 7.30 concert. best concert of my life! :)