Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today we're in Memphis, which is probably one of my favorite cities in America. About a year and a half ago we spent 2 days here for fourth of july which, when you're touring, is a very long time. we're only here for about 12 hours this time, but it's just as awesome as i remember. all of us went across the street and toured the Gibson factory to see how guitars are born:

My favorite guitar was the new Dave Grohl signature DG-335. The custom metallic color takes 8 layers of paint and can't be removed once its put on. So, in other words, if the color gets messed up at any point, the guitar is trashed. Maybe that's why its on sale for the affordable list price of $4,468.00!

There's been an ongoing rivalry between myself and Miley's front of house tech, Simon, since the tour began. See, Simon is a die-hard West Ham United F.C. hooligan (an english soccer team) who even has West Ham's crest tattooed on his arm. he began quarreling with me after i sported a Manchester United fleece to soundcheck one afternoon. Just for the record, i'm not really even a Man United fan, the jacket was given to me. Anyway, after countless run-ins and sarcastic verbal jabs, another chapter was added in our epic soccer battle when he physically ripped off my Man United jacket from my body today. i have a hunch that this is most likely because i called his West Ham jersey a "dish rag" just yesterday. i love Simon; i think he's a stand up guy and fantastic front of house technician. but now its on Simon. we'll see who's laughing when West Ham loses to Chelsea on Saturday. mwahaha!


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