Monday, November 19, 2007

My weakend in JPEG images

ya see what i did there? i changed one letter. that's how clever and witty i am. i'm asking in advance of you reading this "blog post" aka "blost" that you excuse my execrable sense of humor. i haven't slept in a very long time and i haven't eaten in an even longer time, so i'm in a bizarre mood right now. i'm writing from Tampa, Florida and currently have slept for 3 hours, and i only have one question for myself:

"greg, why don't you recap your weekend using pictures to aid your stories?"

"...ok greg, i will."

early in the depths of Friday morning 10 strangers boarded an aircraft headed to California for a mid-day American Music Awards rehearsal:

afterwards, olivia came over to visit and i gave her a book all about herself (i'm a very deep and introspective person.)

then we met up with Michelle who fitted us for our strapping outfits for the AMAs. as for what i wore: i have one word for you -> ascot. jack insisted i looked like a "gentlemen" in the ascot so hey it looks like i'm fooling someone at least:

olive and i then went to a restaurant called "the melting pot" where they make you cook your own food at your table. i know, i know. i paid to cook my own food. but i'd be lying if i said it wasnt delicious. and trust me, my cooking skills are very very limited. i once put a can of unopened spaghettios in the...nevermind. the next day i put on a pair of clean clothes (thanks to olivia's mom) and we spent my day-off at the Getty center looking at artsy works of artistic pieces of art. despite my face in this picture, i actually had a great time:

on the way back we stopped at Whole Foods and i stocked up on some Enjoy Life products for allergy-prone people like myself. i also got to see my fish-son, Voltaire, for the first time in months! he's starting to look like me around the gills:

this brings me to yesterday, the American Music Awards. olivia and i ate breakfast and had a little bible study. i haven't been able to attend a proper church service since June due to touring so it's always nice to talk about God with somebody else. we then said goodbye to each other for 5 weeks until i see her again in Jersey at Christmas time.

Back at the Nokia theatre, where the AMAs were held, we did our final run through and left to go watch football and get ready for the big show while john told tall tales of a battle between him and a black widow spider making a web in his suitcase that morning. Beyonce walked right by us, which i didn't even notice, but she gave our whole group a collective "hiiiii" to which our photographer Rob Hoffman replied that he could now die happy.

by the end of the night, the Giants had won again and the AMAs were rocked by the jonas. john taylor, flawless, and jon poutney looking confident to take on the AMAs:

we immediately left for the airport and boarded our red eye flight to Tampa. i took a picture of me looking very tired in the LAX restroom for documentation purposes:

i sat next to a monk so needless to say he was quiet and i got roughly 3 solid hours of sleep for the night. our flight landed in Tampa at 5:55am. we drove to the hotel, i got to my room, and as i looked out my window i realized i didnt know what day it was and whether the sun was rising or setting:

we have a show tonight back with Hannah Montana. good news is i just talked to mama and there's pumpkin pie waiting for me at home...

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