Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 Countries 1 Day

Yesterday, we played on Regis and Kelly in the Bahamas at the rock and roll hour of 9am; literally 100 feet from the Caribbean Sea. We then boarded our flight and went the exact opposite of the Bahamas...North Carolina (no disrespect NC) to perform at the Hannah show that night. We made a quick pit stop before NC in Florida to go through customs. As i filled out my paperwork, i made sure to put my $4.05 claim for foreign merchandise i was bringing back to the USA. Was i smuggling a tropical endangered parrot into the united states? no, but i should have. my big purchase in the Bahamas was a $4.05 magnet:

you can watch the interview and performance on Regis and Kelly Lee right here before it gets taken down:

You may have noticed my sweet new header at the top of this page. It was created by the sweethearts at check them out! I've also added a couple of blog sites you should check out to the right. The first, although very sparingly updated, is my father's "Touring the Road of Life." "Strange Life" and "It's All True" are two very hilarious, very well written accounts of life on the Hannah Montana tour by Kay Hanley and Mike Schmid, respectively. even though we see each other every day either on stage, at catering, or trying to find the dressing rooms, we don't often get to hang as much as we'd like and i go to their blogs often to find out what they've been up to.

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  1. i was actually at the concert in about worst seats ever!! it was an amazing concert first ever Jonas Brothers concert. I have to say, I was sold when I saw Nick Jonas do one of his flips at the end of Just Friends, i got home that night, looked "Nick Jonas does flip Hannaah Montana/Miley Cyrus BOBW concert tour" and found a video of Just Friends from another concert then went and downloaded the song and ive been hooked ever since.