Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Alligator Adventure

As i previously wrote, we are in Florida, alligator capital of the universe. After a mid-day bowl of cereal, i walk right across the street from the venue to a small boggy area while i make a phone call for about 15 minutes. As i'm walking back across the street, the security gaurd informs me i was standing within 10 feet from a LIVE WILD ALLIGATOR. if you're from the south where alligator run-ins are as common and aboundant as bad MTV reality shows, then pardon me. i'm from new jersey were the deadliest animal running our streets are squirrels. risking becoming his thanksgiving dinner, i went back and took a few pictures of the beast before he verbally threatened me and swam away:

i filled in his deadly defenses which were hidden underwater:

kids, fear not, the jonas' are safe and even if the beast attacked i'm sure big rob would have snapped it in half.


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