Saturday, November 3, 2007

Parallel Universes Collide / Double Header

Today's day began at 6:30am when we loaded into the House of Blues in San Diego for our 11am matinée show. When we got there, we realized the band playing that night was none other than our mmmboppin' predecessors HANSON. unfortunately, no battle dancing took place. Some fans had been lined up outside since 3pm the previous day! Hanson and Jonas fans living in harmony. aww

Kids of the Future
Just Friends
Goodnight and Goodbye
Hello Beautiful
That's Just the Way We Roll
Still In Love
Hold On

i hope this doesn't sound wrong, because there is no other feeling like playing to a sold out arena crowd, but it was amazing playing for a packed club and feeding off the energy of kids 5 feet away from you, as opposed to a hundred yards. anyway, immediately after the matinée in San Diego we drove to Anaheim for the 4pm Hannah Montana show. After a brief nap, we got up and rocked the same house where the Mighty Ducks won the Stanley Cup last year. (quack!) i was really hoping Emilio Estevez was going to show up in the dressing room and give us a tear jerking pump-up speech before the show. didn't happen.

tonight's 90's celebrity parent concert attendee: Cindy Crawford

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