Monday, November 26, 2007

Not Much Has Changed But They Lived Underwater

(actual photo)

We're all at the underwater city of Atlantis located deep, deep in the ocean depths on the abysmal plain. Getting there was not easy at all. First we had to get on a shuttle bus. Things went swimmingly (pun!) until, that is, we got pulled over by the cops and they arrested our driver:

Conveniently, a pegasus, let us hop on her back and got us to the underwater city just in time for a day off. You'd be amazed at the beauty and majesty of Atlantis. some of the ancient local stores, once teaming with the citizens of Atlantis, now lay dormant on the ocean floor, save for a few well-dressed tourists:

We've met so many amazing people in Atlantis: Jar Jar Binks, Spock, the cast of Lost, and other mythological characters. Turns out we're not just here for fun (what?) and they had to twist our arm to get us to play Regis and Kelly tomorrow morning. man, worst. job. ever. So pardon my sarcasm and wake up early and watch us play at the underwater city.
Here's an artists' rendering of what Atlantis may have looked like gillions of years ago, before the universe was made; complete with intricate waterways disguised as "lazy rivers" and "slides":

in the bottom left of this photo you can see the semi-circle of white chairs where Regis and, Kelly will take place:

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